Mix Of The Week: Vulgarythm

latest songs by Vulgarythm

Vulgarythm is Gibraltar’s dark horse, being one of the founding members of Sub-Selective since 2008, he’s been heavily involved in the world of Bass, with roots in both Breakbeat and Drum n’ Bass, which is his main passion and focus.

Always guided by science and obscurity in his search for unorthodox sounds and production techniques, Vulgarythm won’t stop producing unique bangers that blur the line between Drum n’ Bass and an auditory universe of fantasy and science fiction.

You can hear an experimental element in each track he makes, at the forefront of which is a deep bass, stronger and more solid than the Rock that raised him. Apart from production, he has shared the stage with giants in the scene such as Juno, Joe Ford, Disprove and InsideInfo.

With the same philosophy behind the decks as in the studio, you can never know what to expect from a Vulgarythm sets, other than deep bass, rhythmic curiosities, and a strong sense of calculated chaos.

Recently diversifying his efforts further, expect some more tracks this year, with some of those being collabs too.

Vulgarythm takes over the 199th episode of T.H.E – Podcasts, tune in!

00:00 Vulgarythm & I.D. – I.D.
02:34 Vulgarythm & I.D. – I.D.
04:02 Vulgarythm – Kronostroma
05:51 Vulgarythm – VirGo Beta
08:58 Vulgarythm – The Edge
10:15 Vulgarythm – tusinwa
13:31 Vulgarythm – Amorphous
16:27 Vulgarythm – Fable
19:00 Vulgarythm – The Fix
20:50 Vulgarythm – Khontra
22:40 Vulgarythm – Circling The Drain
24:52 Vulgarythm – Gainok
26:41 Vulgarythm – Cloudburn
28:12 Vulgarythm – Kickin Back


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