Staysis Elevates the Pulse with This Week’s ‘Mix of the Week’

deep progressive house mix 2023

In a world where electronic beats reign supreme, and genres evolve faster than ever, Progressive House has found its champion in Staysis.

A master of melding deep rhythms with ethereal overtones, Philadelphia’s very own musical maestro has taken over this week’s ‘Mix of the Week,’ delivering an auditory journey that’s as contemplative as it is electrifying.

Staysis, or as some might refer to him, the “beating heart of American Progressive House and Melodic House & Techno,” embodies a style that’s both distinctive and transformative. Imagine melodies that have the power to transport you, coupled with basslines that make the heart race and vocals that seem almost otherworldly. Fans have often found themselves immersed, describing his music as “triumphant yet introspective.”

Having immersed himself in the underground electronic music scene since 2008 and creating tunes since 2020, Staysis’s meteoric rise in the music scene is both inspirational and noteworthy. Amassing over 800K plays on Spotify is no mean feat, and his collaborations with industry-leading labels like Colorize Music, Elliptical Sun Melodies, and PRGRSSN Records, among others, further testify to his caliber.

Moreover, being a part of “PhilaDeep,” a collective that’s been instrumental in pushing the Progressive House envelope in Philadelphia, Staysis is no stranger to live performances. Having shared the stage with bigwigs like Jeremy Olander and Paul Van Dyk, his prowess behind the decks is just as compelling as his studio creations.

This week’s mix is a testament to his evolving artistry. Featuring a series of IDs that keep listeners on the edge of their seats, interspersed with gems like “Last Winter” and “Borders,” the mix is a journey from start to finish. Each transition, every beat drop, every vocal interlude, is a reflection of Staysis’s deep understanding of his craft and his audience.

As Staysis continues to make waves, both nationally and internationally, one thing is clear: his brand of Progressive House is here to stay, and it’s only going to get more resplendent. The melodic and progressive musical stratosphere awaits, and with Staysis at the helm, it’s bound to be a thrilling ride.


00:00 Staysis – ID
06:05 Staysis – ID
10:30 Staysis – Last Winter
15:47 Staysis – ID
21:33 Staysis – Borders


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