Impish Releases Brand New Single on Program

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Moscow born artist Impish has used his influences of funk, rock, and heavy metal to produce music which saw him signed to the Program imprint, the sister-label of esteemed Ram Records.

An avid vinyl collector, he’s channelled his love for electronic music into his work and this was first noticed by Program through the singing of double-sided single ‘Burning / Leave Me’. With support from DJ Marky, DJ Hype, Spectrasoul, and Technimatic, he’s now capitalised on this success for another forthcoming single on Program, which comes in the form of ‘Take Back’ and ‘Lazy Sundayz’.

A frequent heavy hitter on the Russian clubbing circuit, his own label Occulti Music has seen him gain international attention. Setting up a vinyl shop and also a monthly event series, he’s been able to grow a platform to unleash his music and the ‘Burning Series’ has seen him welcome a wide array of local talent, whilst providing a platform for him to release his own slick sounds. And Impish has already demonstrated his production aptitude on Program, with his first single on the label ensuring that he’s stayed a strong part of the label’s catalogue.

‘Burning’ and ‘Leave Me’ featuring Julia Marks saw Impish’s first introduction to Program and its one which set his history with the imprint in stone. Since then he’s risen from strength to strength and his forthcoming release on Program proves this; it’s another look into what Impish has been creating within his studio confines and it once again proves his ability as an artist.

‘Take Back’ is given its hook through singing female vocals and a bass melody lead, whilst ‘Lazy Sundayz’ features Shawn Sanderson and Squarewave for a summertime heavy hitter. They’re two more feel-good tracks from Impish, proving that once again it’s time to get with the Program, now taking you through the warmer seasons.

Hannah Helbert

Content Writer | Bass Music News & Editorials at T.H.E - Music Essentials
Hannah has worked in the music industry for over five years, spending her time primarily across dubstep and drum & bass. However, she's a fan of a variety of sub-genres, which also include bassline, garage, tech house and many other types of electronic music.
Hannah Helbert

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