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Artist Of The Month For April 2017 – Noisia

Our Artist of the month, to many, are equivalent of musical gods. They are the undisputed kings in a triplicate of hard-edged, continental drum and bass. They’re one of those rare acts that was not only pivotal in defining the scene but have been active in bringing up the next generation. A trio consisting of consisting of members Nik Roos, Martijn van Sonderen and Thijs de Vlieger from Gron...

Artist Of The Month For March 2017 – Above & Beyond

Our artist of the month for March 2017 is a London based trio that has touched lives wherever they’ve gone. Their fans swear by them, and always jump at the opportunity to ‘Push The Button’. They’ve been to India many times in the past, and are set to come to India yet again this month for a very special tour. In case you’re still wondering, our AOTM for March 2017 are the trio behind iconic music...

Artist Of The Month For February 2017 – Eric Prydz

He’s been around for the longest time, he’s won hearts world over, has given us wonderful music time and again, and has even been our Artist of the Month before. And to top it all, he’s coming to India for the very first time in less than two weeks! The first ever artist to be our #AOTM for a second time is none other than Eric Sheridan “Pryda” Prydz, also known as te...

Artist Of The Month For January 2017 – Bonobo

There are extraordinary talents that few possess in the realm of creativity. Whether artistic merit, a keen imagination, or power behind production, some individuals seem to blossom in any medium. Simon Green, commonly known as Bonobo, is one evident example. Seamlessly switching between genres, from downtempo, chillwave and ambient, Bonobo is one of the finest and one of the most respected artist...

Artist Of The Month For December 2016 – Alan Walker

Our Artist Of The Month for December is someone who is just 18 years old, entered the music scene a couple of years back in 2014, responsible for one of the biggest dance music tracks in recent years – Faded, and is all set to make his India debut at the Enchanted Valley Carnival 2016. Yes, it’s Norwegian producer Alan Walker! Early beginnings Born in Northampton, England, Walker moved to Bergen c...

Artist Of The Month For November 2016 – Martin Garrix

While very few ‘Wonderkids’ go on to become very successful DJs, this guy has become a very successful DJ at an age where most are still ‘Wonderkids’. To top it all, he was crowned number one DJ last month in the very popular DJ Mag poll. Chances are you’ve heard his breakthrough track at least a 100 times in clubs. Our Artist Of The Month for November is none other t...

Artist Of The Month For October 2016 – Zeds Dead

Our Artist Of The Month for October 2016 have got their name from a cult movie of the 90s, their music is as unorthodox as the movie, and this Canadian duo have delivered absolutely sensational music time and again. That’s right, our AOTM for October is none other than Zeds Dead.

Artist Of The Month For September 2016 – Tritonal

Our Artist of the Month for September is a duo that hails from Texas in the United States of America, and have given us a lot of trance in their early days, and are now blowing out our sound systems with their progressive house music. If you haven’t guessed it so far, then you’ve been missing out on Tritonal.

Artist Of The Month For August 2016 – DJ Snake

Our Artist of the Month for August is an artist who’s a household name now, and at any given time in the last couple of years, he’s definitely had one song in the music charts. Pardon his French he says, and we don’t mind, because it’s none other than DJ Snake.

Artist Of The Month For July 2016 – Plastik Funk

Our Artist Of The Month for July 2016 is the duo that specializes in a niche sound, a modern version of Hip House, and you’ve probably heard their sound system splitting super hit ‘Who’ with Tujamo. Yes it’s none other than Plastik Funk.

Artist Of The Month For June 2016 – Netsky

Our Artist of the Month for June 2016 is an artist who derived his stage name from a computer virus, is a native of Belgium, and is a drum & bass specialist. Citing Spor, Ewun and Counterstrike as some of his early influences. Killing it through the years with his velvety tracks, topping charts and winning the hearts of dn&b fans all over the world. Oh yeah, it is none other than Boris D...

Artist Of The Month For May 2016 – Kygo

There are plenty of talented young artists out there, but very few of them become true superstars who lead their own style of music. Our Artist of The Month knew he had made it when he replaced Avicii on the TomorrowWorld mainstage a couple of years ago. Yes, it’s none other than Kygo!

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