9 Things To Talk About: Noemi Black

noemi black interview

As part of our 9 Years Of T.H.E celebration features, we discuss 9 topics with Noemi Black including her first raving experience, her thoughts on the future of live streams and more.

T.H.E – Hey Noemi! Welcome to T.H.E – Music Essentials. What can you tell us about your upcoming releases that our readers can keep an eye out for?

Noemi Black – Hey, nice to be here! I have started with EP “Follow Your Dream” EP on my own Technical Vibe label. On  26.04 I’ll make my debut on KD RAW with my “Avalon” EP and on 17.05 I’ll be back to Prospect Records with my fresh stand-alone EP, “Enigma”. This is how looks like my schedule for the first part of the Year. I’m working on a new Projects, so stay Tuned :)

T.H.E – What was it like growing up in Poland for you?

Noemi Black – I had a really nice and carefree childhood. With a lot of freedom and joy. In the summer, from morning till evening I have played with friends outside. I was always able to combine school and fun. School and Studies times were also great. It was a time when I’ve discovered my love for electronic music. I was a really happy child. I’ll never forget those times.

T.H.E – What are some of your favorite pieces of equipment in the studio?

Noemi Black – Most of my work I’m making in DAW. But I love all the Moog synthesizers. I’m the owner of one of them, the Moog Mother-32 and I love to play around with it. It’s a small piece of equipment, but it’s really powerful with a great sound. Every time I’m turning it on, it brings a smile to my face.

T.H.E – You have also started a new project on Twitch, what can you tell us about that?

Noemi Black – Yes, from the middle of February I’m a very active Twitch user. Because we are not able to perform in clubs or festivals, I’ve decided to bring a bit of these feelings to my Fans through my weekly streams. From Friday to Sunday I’m doing my streams and I have a lot of fun! It gives me the opportunity to be closer with my Fans, talk a bit with them. When you see, that people are having fun thanks to your music, it can really charge your batteries in those sad times.

T.H.E – With the pandemic, a lot of artists/festivals have been relying on livestreams to stay connected with their audiences. What do you feel is the future of livestreams?

Noemi Black – I think it would stay with us for a longer. We don’t know how long we will stay in the lockdown. But also, when it finally ends, we will see Artists and Festivals still doing this. I’m sure, that many peoples will have concerns before returning to the clubs. They will search for streams. I’m sure, that I won’t stop my Twitch project after covid. I’ll be still making this for those, who don’t want or can’t attend the Raves.

T.H.E – Throwing it back a bit, tell us a bit about your first raving experience, which artist and/or festival did you attend?

Noemi Black – I’ve started to attend clubs around 18. It was usually a club in my hometown in Poland. DJs were playing everything in all available genres. From electro through trance to house music. But I didn’t found there that, what I was looking for. Heavy, industrial beats. That’s why I’ve decided to visit the Mayday Poland Festival in Katowice. It was the place, where I’ve discovered Techno music. I was immediately complete In love. This energy, bass line, and great people around me.

Also on Mayday Poland, I had the opportunity to hear for the first time, Mister Jeff Mills. It was a pleasure to hear his music and looking at him, how he is enjoying it, how he feels it. From that moment, he is my number one.

T.H.E – And which was your first DJing gig? Could you elaborate on the experience of it?

Noemi Black – It was on a local Open Air. It was really stressful experience for me. Till this event, I’ve never performed for peoples. Even for my friends or family. I learned everything by myself and trained my skills alone at home. I took it as a test.

But the stress was gone when I’ve pushed play on my player. When I’ve looked upon the crowd and have seen, that they are enjoying my music. I was in heaven. One of the best days of my life.

T.H.E – You also have a label – Technical Vibe. What does it stand for, and which artists have you been very excited about releasing on the label?

Noemi Black – I’m proud of every artist, who has released his music on Technical Vibe. All of our EP’s are great, with a unique sound. Behind all of them are history and a very talented producer. Our label should be a place, where the young and talented artists will find a place for their Music. I know, how hard it is to release your music  when you don’t have management behind you. For us important is only the music, not the social media numbers.

T.H.E – What can you tell us about your plans for 2021?

Noemi Black – You know already my release plans. I hope I’ll be able to play all my postponed Gigs. We are working also on new Gigs and Tours, but right now is too early to say something more.  I hope everything will be fine soon and we all, artists and clubbers will be able to that, what we love to do.


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