News: Deadmau5 Claims He’s “OVER” CLUBLAND!

Deadmau5 has let it be known that he’s looking to take a step away from clubland. The revelation came during another of his online Coffee Run episodes, this time featuring Tycho.

Once again taking a guest to his favourite coffee shop, Tim Hortons, Joel Zimmerman expressed his wish to take a break from DJ sets due to the lack of satisfaction compared to a full-on production show.

“I’m kind of getting out of clubland for a while too, I’m just over it. We try and fly in as much [production gear] as we can. We’ve got these two robots that do cool shit but that’s it.

“You just see people walking away from those typical club gigs and it’s like why did we spend a million dollars on two robots?”

Talking about the music he likes listening to, describing it as something that is “not as intrusive as a slap across the fucking face”, he opened up about his own music.

“That’s kind of where I like music to be for me to listen to, not necessarily the way I make music or what I produce because sometimes I just do things because it’s what people want me to do.”

Watch the latest Coffee Run below.

Via – Mixmag

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