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As dance music has evolved over the years, Finnish duo Super8 & Tab are among the select number of artists who have pushed the sound to the next level while staying true to their trance roots. Renowned for their innovative approach to intricate and experimental production, Janne Mansnerus and Miika Eloranta have stealthily remained at the front of the pack since forming their collaboration in 2005.


Next up for the talented duo is #ASOTFESTASIA brought to you by Sunburn Festival where they will be playing alongside other great DJs like Orjan Nilsen, Cosmic Gate, Simon Patterson and the man himself, Armin van Buuren! We had a great opportunity to talk to the duo right before the event. Check out our interview below where the duo discuss playing at Sunburn Festival Goa in 2007, their reaction when they first heard the news about playing at #ASOTFESTASIA and their thoughts on Armin van Buuren crossing the milestone of 700 episodes of his “A State Of Trance” radio show. Don’t worry, we spoke about various other topics as well! ;)

T.H.E – Hey Guys! Firstly, thank you for taking the time out for this interview. And also, congratulations on the release of your “Unified Extended Album”. How pleased have you been with the success so far?

Super8 & Tab – As an album, Unified has done very well and we have had a lot good feedback from our fans which makes us really happy. Unified Extended was released as there was so many requests for longer versions from DJs so they could use the tracks in their sets and mixtapes.

T.H.E – You are often credited with taking the “trance” sound to the next level. What does trance music mean to you?

Super8 & Tab – It’s a passion, vibe and mentality. Our album is called Unified because we feel that trance unifies people. We have made a lot of friends with fans and trance listeners around the world, and there is this special link between all these people. There is something same in all of them.

T.H.E – You guys have been supported heavily by Above & Beyond and their label, Anjunabeats. What does this support mean to you? How has it helped you in the dance music industry?

Super8 & Tab – It means a lot. They have so many listeners of their radioshow and their shows get so much attention so everytime they play our track, we know that people are aware of our new music.

T.H.E – We are absolutely thrilled with the fact that you will be a part of “A State Of Trance” Festival, Asia at Mumbai, India on June 6, 2015 alongside other great artists like Simon Patterson, Orjan Nilsen, Cosmic Gate and the man himself, Armin van Buuren. Tell us your reaction when you first heard the news.

Super8 & Tab – It’s always an big honour to play ASOT shows. They are one of the biggest and most sought after trance shows on the planet, which is very exciting. Cant wait to play on the same stage with those great artists.

T.H.E – You Guys have been associated with the global celebrations of “A State Of Trance” in the past like ASOT450, ASOT550 and ASOT600. How different do you think ASOT700 will be to all its previous editions?

Super8 & Tab – Everytime we have played ASOT it has become bigger and bigger, so one thing we are excited to see is the huge production this time around. And also we are excited to perform for the biggest Indian audience we’ve played for so far.

T.H.E – Armin van Buuren has been single-handedly responsible for 700 episodes of his radio show, “A State Of Trance”. While he has a fantastic team to help him out, his dedication and energy is inspiring to a lot of fans across the globe. What do you feel about this accomplishment?

Super8 & Tab – Armin is an expectional person. We all know how much effort he has put into making trance bigger and bigger, doing radio, making music, touring and so on, and still he has time and energy to talk, listen and be friendly to so many new people he meets along the way.

T.H.E – What can we expect from your set at #ASOTFestAsia?

Super8 & Tab – We have some exciting new music in the works from recent studio sessions, so we might play some of that and of course we will play some favorites from the album too.

T.H.E – You have visited India in the past. What do you like most about our country in terms of the fans and the dance music culture? Any fond memories to share with us?

Super8 & Tab – Lot’s of great memories from India. Our first show in India was in 2007 when we played at Sunburn Festival in Goa. After that we have toured India several times and the best thing there is the audience who really know how to have a good time!

T.H.E – In 2007, you played at Sunburn Festival, Goa, India. Since then, it has grown to be one of the biggest dance music festivals across the globe. How would you describe this meteoric rise?

Super8 & Tab – It’s amazing how big and important this festival has become in the global dance music scene. It’s also inspiring to see how the Indian scene itself has been growing year after year.

T.H.E – What is the best part about playing at Sunburn Festival, Goa? Any memories to share with us the last time you both were a part of it in 2007?

Super8 & Tab – We have so many good memories from there. It was one of the first Indian crowds we played to and they were very responding to our set. Playing on beach didn’t hurt either!

T.H.E – Thanks a ton Guys. Looking forward to seeing you live on June 6, 2015. Cheers! :)

Super8 & Tab – Thank you. Really looking to play in India again!!!

We sure can’t wait to see the duo at #ASOTFESTASIA. What about you Guys, will we be seeing you as well?

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