2020 In Review: The Best Dubstep Songs Of The Year

best dubstep songs 2020

It’s always pure joy to explore dubstep!

A genre that is filled with surprises, thrilling energy and the most dynamic drops you’ll ever come across. 2020 was not short of incredible dubstep tracks and boy are we waiting to show you the best among them all!

Here are our top 15 picks from dubstep this past year.

15. NVARDZ- Maribor Death Valley

This intense gaming track houses some of the rawest elements which are led by a hard bass line. With some drum and bass vibe in the middle, the producer has ensured to make this as beautiful a creative rendition as possible.

14. Automhate – Tonal Riddim

With an opening that offers a trippy experience, this track acts a perfect testament to display what new talents can produce. A fresh take, with unexpected breaks and an easy tempo, is what stands out!

13. DJ Snake – Trust Nobody (Valentino Khan Remix)

It’s really hard to explain the immense raw energy that this track possesses. Right from the vocal loops, the basslines and the build-up to the drop – everything gives you a truly exhilarating experience. Once again, enjoy a tinge of drum and bass here too!

12. Kompany and Soltan – System Failure

A totally spacey vibe to the track and the classic dubstep approach on this one makes it really addictive. The dynamic brilliance in the track comes out each moment and you need to experience this!

11.RL Grime & Whethan – Outta Here

Starting off in a really enigmatic way, the track sets the mood pretty soothing. You would not have to wait too much before the euphoria of magnetic synth works gets you hooked onto it.

10.Tiger Drool – Tiger

This one’s quite a monster, just as the name suggests! It has the brilliance that would stamp its authority on the dance floor and at the same time, get everyone craving for more of this stuff.

9. Soltan & NAZAAR – Walls Cave In

You can’t ask for more after hearing the rugged, rough texture on this track! This is one track that can cause, on any dance floor, absolute massacre.

8. Dirty Audio and Leotrix – Bahebe

Another one for the gaming fans is Bahebe and there’s no second-guessing why it has been one of the most popular tracks this past year. With a perfect blend of soothing and rugged textures, this one is quite versatile!

7. Leotrix – Tokyo Bounce

With all the screeching sounds, and the underlying powerful bassline, Leotrix has managed to create a perfectly addictive track. Except to hear a lot of this in the club even next year!

6. Slander and Fairline ft. Jonathan Mendelsohn – Hurts Sometime

A classic mix of some of the most soothing music with the exuberance of dubstep is what “Hurts Sometime” holds. Bringing together a rock texture in a subtle manner, the artists have ensured to produce something that will keep you hooked to it every moment of the song.

5. Zomboy – Battlefields

Staying true to the name, the track starts off in an intense fashion. With a rock vibe right from the start, the track transforms quickly into an unmissable carnage of top-notch dubstep music.

4. Effin – Back Scratcher

Opening with a burst of intense energy, the track offers very little time before setting you ablaze with its piercing drop. We absolutely love the breaks, and subtle pauses which are backed by thumping drum beats.

3. Boombox Cartel – Maquina

Right from the beginning, the producer has you gripped with the airy vocals, the dynamic lead into the drop and the absolutely unique blend of mystical and vibrant sides of “Maquina”. A masterful production!

2. Papa Khan – Rain

Offering a number of exciting elements, Papa Khan has created something really unpredictable for the listener here. The rush leading into the drop, the euphoric calm after the drop which is led by soothing piano works, are both equally adding enough substance to make this track one among the top!

1. DJ Snake – Trust Nobody

Presenting our #1 track – With a rough bassline and some enigmatic drum works, the track opens setting very high expectations. As always DJ Snake knows how to make tracks that can make the crowd go berserk – here’s a thumping testament to that very fact!

What do all the dubstep fans think of this list? Let us know and share it with your friends right now!

Pavan Kumar


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