4 DJs With Impressive College Degrees

djs with college degrees

Without a doubt, almost any student dreams of hanging out at parties and making money on it.

Without a doubt, almost any student dreams of hanging out at parties and making money on it. But, unfortunately, there are not many jobs that allow you to do that. Still, you can find alternative ways of earning well while in college. One of the best options is having your own essay writing service or working for one. You’d be surprised how many students wonder who can do my paper for me by professionals. And you definitely can be that someone, especially if you have excellent writing skills. You can also connect your fellow students with someone who writes essays professionally or for accounting homework help and take a small fee for that. But if you have your mind set on finding a way of earning money while partying, consider DJing.

Acting on this logic, students choose DJing. However, to become a popular DJ you need to devote a lot of time to this business, which means less time will be left to study. In this case, you can use the college essay writing service and make your life easier. Nevertheless, even if you are carried away by DJing, do not forget about studying and it is definitely worth getting a diploma. In this article, you will find world-famous DJs with a diploma in higher education, which is proof that the diploma is never superfluous.

1. Diplo

Diplo is not just an American DJ, but a music designer who created his own unique direction of bail-funk, or “tropical” house. In 1997, the young man was enrolled in the University of Central Florida (Orlando, Florida), then at Temple University (Philadelphia, PA). He got a diploma in Film Studies from Temple University in 2003. In the same place, he worked as a teacher and social worker until he achieved success in DJing.

2. Armin van Buuren

Armin van Buuren is a well-known DJ, music maker, and writer. You must have heard of him. While studying at school, Armin was preparing to enter the law faculty of Leiden University. After studying for some time at the university, van Buren left his studies and returned to it only after 2003. However, in the end, he received a law degree. Armin van Buuren is an example of the fact that even after becoming famous in DJing you should not refuse to receive a diploma of higher education.

3. R3hab

DJ from the Netherlands R3hab in a short time conquered the music world, entering the top twenty representatives of the genre according to DJ Magazine. Thanks to his producing talent and passion for electronic music, he has become a sought-after remixer of contemporary dance culture, working with celebrities such as Rita Ora, Bruno Mars, and Calvin Harris. Before gaining worldwide fame, the DJ received a degree in Economic Marketing.

4. Kaskade

Ryan Raddon, known as the world-famous Kaskade, was born in Chicago in the United States of Illinois on February 25, 1972. After some time, he moved to Salt Lake City in order to go to university. He completed his studies and received a diploma in Communication from the University of Utah. Moreover, he worked for a long time in his specialty before he became famous.

To Sum up

DJing is a very interesting profession. This profession can be started at any age, it fulfills the desire to travel a lot and make new friends. And the main plus of this profession is that it implies the opportunity to engage in a beloved, creative, interesting occupation, which becomes a profession. However, no one guarantees you success in DJing and you can stay out of work at any time. That is why we strongly recommend that you follow the example of the above famous DJs and get a diploma as a backup plan.

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  5. This is a very interesting and surprising article. I didn’t know that some of the world-famous DJs had such impressive college degrees. I admire their dedication and passion for both music and education. They show that you can pursue your dreams and still have a solid academic background. 😊


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