Askm3 Delivers His Spotify Takeover

askm3 spotify takeover

Head honcho of Metro Recordings, a label founded in 1997 and one that’s been a leading beacon of quality ever since, has enlisted Askm3 to deliver the next chapter in the imprint’s catalogue.

At just 17 years of age, the Norwegian producer has a set of formidable production talents. Taking inspiration from the likes of Fox Stevenson and Gyrofield, his debut on Metro Recordings ‘Don’t Run’ was an explosive start to the young artist’s journey on the label. And we caught up with him so he could give us the top fifteen tracks he’s been adding to his Spotify playlists recently, to celebrate his new release.

Fox Stevenson – All Eyes On Me

This is currently my favourite song because when Fox produced part of it on a livestream this summer, I got really attached to it, and now it’s finally released. It has such a cool vibe, and I love the carefree lyrics. This is a must-have.

Herobust – Remember

Herobust’s new single is just such a banger, and it’s very fitting for the time. It’s uplifting, and it reminds us of the good times before the pandemic while also sparking hope for the future. The sound design in the intro almost reminds me of Skrillex.

Tristam – Violence

Tristam is finally back, stronger than ever. This song is just so emotional and packs a punch. With a great vocal performance and beautiful composition, it really gives you the chills.

Updog – Impress you

I heard this song while scrolling through my Soundcloud feed, and it just instantly snapped. It’s well-produced, has catchy vocals, and the drop is so simple yet so effective. It feels so perfect, because it just does everything you want it to do. Although it does cut off a little short in my opinion, although it’s still a smash hit!

Askm3 – Don’t Run

Not to “toot my own horn” or anything, but I am very happy with how this one turned out, and I am proud to release it on Metro recordings. It started with me finding some really cool vocals on Splice, and after that, it just went crazy. It changed a lot from its initial state, and I am super happy about where it went!

Felix Cartal – Harmony

I usually don’t listen to house music, but this was one of those “instant hits” for me personally. I just got addicted right off the bat, and for that, I feel like it deserves a spot in this list.

Andrew Huang – Sparkle Mountain

How can a song be so hard-hitting and so sugar sweet all at once? Well, this song does just that. I’m a big fan of Andrew Huang for his Youtube content and don’t really listen to his music that much, but this one was just too good.

Fox Stevenson – Like That

Yeah, I know. There is already a Fox song in this list. However, Like That is just such an iconic Fox track, and it even has a sick music video. It was made to mock people saying he made “human music” but ended up being an absolute banger, and a staple of Fox’s music in 2020.

Vanic, Bryce Fox – Sick of it

In the genre I like calling “Electrock”, this hard-hitting energy bomb is fresh out the oven. It has great vocals and terrific production, and it’s a perfect fit for 2020.

Netsky – Complicated

With vibey vocals and groovy drums, this is a big tune from Netsky’s new album ‘Second nature’.

12th Planet – Follow

Jvckin, Faithroze – Keep your distance

MUZZ, Koven, Feint – Worth The Lie

DNMO, Sub Urban – Sick of You

Paper Idol – Clouds

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