Best Techno Songs 2021: Featuring ARTBAT, Charlotte De Witte & More

Best Techno Songs 2021

Techno is an electronic music genre that is characterized by a hard four on the floor beat and made for long hours of listening.

However, over the course of the year, the music has become a lot more than it used to be. Artists, in particular, have crossed boundaries with music and taken it to a whole new level.

Here is a list of the best techno tracks of 2021, celebrating those leading the genre.

Best Techno Songs 2021

1. ARTBAT – Horizon

They have just been climbing upwards since they emerged from the remix. The track shows us how what we saw earlier was just a glimpse of what they were capable of.

2. Age Of Love – The Age Of Love (Charlotte de Witte & Enrico Sangiuliano Remix)

With this one, the raw empress takes us to her kingdom. She takes us to a place of love and elation for techno with this one.

3. Space Motion – Run Again

This song is a great example of rhythms and melodies coming together. By its name, it makes us run to the floor again and get into the groove.

4. James Hype – Dancing

Dance music’s mad boy has officially taken the reins as the guy in the chair. A person who knows the dance floor better than anyone in the scene right gives us a reason to be there.

5. Space 92 – Phobos

Phobos is a god of fear and panic, and that is exactly what this track conveys. Dark leads and hard-hitting low end make it chaotic, filled with melancholy that makes us dance.

6. HI-LO x Reinier Zonneveld – Saw Of Olympus

This one stands out for its funky acid line. Both artists have done a superb job with this piece.

7. UMEK – Cryptic Speech

Charts aren’t ready to let this one go yet. One of the most unique tunes of the year, it has turned out to be a fan favourite.

8. Space Motion – 5th Element

A perfect set must include this track. Its rubbery baseline and leads will take you back to the warehouses. A perfect slow burner for the floor.

9. Boris Brejcha – Twisted Reality

Experience, musicianship, and class are all mixed together in this song. Boris Brejcha never ceases to amaze.

10. Teenage Mutants – Rebirth

In addition to being an excellent techno track, the visuals and artwork showcase the track’s theme very well.

11. Camelphat x Rebuke – The Future

It’s an emotional ride into the future. Camelophat the kings of harmonies give techno a new twist. Its uplifting, its floor shattering and a perfect mid set rager.

12. Alex Stein – The Phoenix

A guard of warehouses, Alex Stein takes us into a hypnotic world. This one unleashes the power of the phoenix.

13. T78 – Liquid Night

The captivating, big-room techno masterpiece is a destructive dance floor track. After a groove-laden synth modulation of low-end textures, it breaks down into an evil acid line before the vocals take over, elevating this track to unimaginable heights.

14. Eli Brown – My House

This one hits you like a brick hard with nostalgia. Eli Brown perfectly translates the Renegade masters tune.

15. Kaspar & A*S*Y*S – Injection

It takes on a different peak time zone, making it one of the most offset tunes of the year. Our minds are not only captured but brought into a state of dance by the evolving break.

Shantanu Gursal


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