Black Barrel shares his top five influences featuring the likes of Amon Tobin, Apollo 440 and more

Black Barrel

Hailing from Russia, Evgenii Khmel aka Black Barrel is one of the finest up and coming artists in the drum & bass scene.

The multi genre background Evgenii has helped him encompass a full spectrum of influences throughout his slick sonic cuts. Whether it was drum & bass, techno, hip-hop or indie rock, he spent years pouring over the many musical avenues which dance music offered, taking inspiration from its every corner.
His penchant for deeper vibes has seen him release his music on some of the best labels in the industry like Dispatch Recordings, Invisible Recordings and Bad Taste Recordings. Following the success of two sensational cuts on DLR’s Sofa Sound Bristol, Black Barrel has shared his influences that intrigued him and drove him into making Drum & Bass.

Amon Tobin

The creativity of Amon Tobin was something I met long before I began to writing drum & bass. I’m still amazed at how much he knows and how easily he submits an idea, immersing it into the atmosphere of his tracks.

Apollo 440

These musicians have a wide musical spectrum. I was incredibly amazed when I heard their jungle track “Vanishing Point”, for me it is a kind of apogee of creating a deep atmosphere.

Optiv & BTK

These bad boys began my career in drum & bass. I loved their music so much that I even managed to get on BTK’s Dutty Audio label. Work from these guys will remain forever in my heart.

Break & DLR

Their funky grooves, live drums and soft basses could not leave me indifferent to these guys music. And today, inspired by their work, I continue to work in this style together with Dispatch and Sofa Sound.

Alix Perez

Alix Perez has taught me how to be focused on simplicity and the original idea. Sometimes it’s incredibly difficult. I’m a big fan of Alix’s creativity and I always buy his plates!

Nab yourself a copy of Black Barrel’s release on Sofa Sound here.


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