How Music Affects the Writing Process

music affects mood

Music surrounds us wherever we go and whatever we do.

It is hard to imagine a day without music, especially in the modern world. We need music to survive public transport, to overcome emotionally difficult times or to experience our happiness even deeper than it is with some help from the happy songs. We rely on music a lot. Even at work. Even in writing. Writing with music can help you achieve a high level of productivity much faster and easier than if you’d work in silence. In fact, music and writing go hand in hand. You don’t believe me? Well, check out these facts. You might be surprised!

Music can brighten your mood

Let’s start with the most obvious. We all love music. It is there to make everything better; even when we talk about working or studying. It brings up the best of us, puts us in a better mood. Music can help you reach your productive mode faster and easier if you listen to a specific kind of music every time when you are writing. Thus music will help you to transit between writing and non-writing modes easier. It is also proven that listening to music can increase the sense of pleasure from your writing. So you will approach the writing process with more enthusiasm and joy!

Music can inspire you

Every one of us who has ever tried to write would be familiar with the term ‘writing block’. It is a nasty period when you cannot find any inspiration to write. Nothing can help. Nothing but music. Listening to music you like can activate the area of your brain responsible for pleasure. This will open the way for imagination and so, inspiration. Your brain begins to wander whenever it listens to melodies it likes. You can travel back to the memories connected to certain songs or feel deep empathy and connection to the lyrics. In any case, music will lead to emotions and feelings which are the keys to good writing. Though when even music doesn’t help you can always go ahead of the related link and find out other ways to solve your writing block. Remember, never be shy to ask for help when it needed!

Music can prevent any distractions

You may think that music can distract you from writing when in fact it can work as a perfect block from any distractions around you. Imagine you work in a coffee shop. Think of many noises you have there! You may think it doesn’t affect you but you’d be wrong. Your brain wastes your energy and concentration to notice every sound. Music can isolate you from such external obstacles, interventions, and irruptions. While your brain is focused on writing your ears are focused on a continuous flow of music. It relaxes you and lets you center your concentration on one process. Thus music is great at creating a sound block meanwhile also putting you at ease.

Music helps you concentrate

Writing with music is especially useful when we talk about creative writing. Music sets the right tone, mood, and rhythm for whatever you are writing. It helps you to get in that special mode much faster. Music also helps with abstract thinking. It is hard not to feel the emotions that music transpasses. So when you need to find a certain emotion for your writing music is the way to reach it fast and easy. Music can also help you to return to the specific mood you need to continue your writing in case you finish a chapter undone. If you were listening to certain songs while writing you can put them on again. They will help you to feel the same emotions you had previously.


It doesn’t matter what kind of music you like or what you are writing. What matters the most is the joy you receive from the process. As we said, music makes everything better. We’re big believers in that. So when the nest time you will need to write something, turn on your favorite melodies, let them sink in, allow the music flow to carry you to the world of creativity and inspiration. Often writing can be a tough job to do, especially if you are not so experienced in it. So allow yourself some help from the outside. Music can actually that helps you to concentrate on your writing and bring more joy in the process.

Article by Sandra Larson

Sandra Larson is a freelance writer and professional storyteller. Sandra believes deeply in the power of a good story. Her main life goal is to preserve stories from ancient cultures for future generations. In her free time, she volunteers to read in children’s hospitals or spends time baking at home.


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