The Obvious Linkages Between Music And Gaming

links between music and gaming

There is no debate that music and gaming are intrinsically linked, whether listening to your own playlist while gaming, listening to the in-game soundtrack, or as many gamers do, having both playing at different volumes and from diverse sources.

It’s all about the ambiance that the music will create and the understanding that music is at the core of gaming. This article details how the music industry and gaming will continue to feed into each other, contributing to the growth of each sector.

The growth of online gaming platforms

By the end of 2023, the global games market will be worth over $200 billion, with most of this being attributed to mobile and online-based gaming. Gaming and online gambling have become a social pastime with the ability to meet the players in chat rooms after or during the game or actually be in the same room as them using augmented and virtual reality.

This socialization of the gaming industry has begun to produce and establish online tribes who are intrinsically linked to the specific game they all play and have more in common than they may have thought possible. Many people now relate more to the online world that they engage in to play games than they do with actual friends face-to-face. It is thus an extremely popular pastime that has been made social by the addition of music, chat rooms, and forums.

Music adds to the socialization of gaming

With more people now watching e-sports and online gaming and gambling live and in real time, there has been a lot of thought about the soundtrack for this process. Some games have used famous musicians to drive game sales and increase their tribe size.

A great example is how Ariana Grande performed live in Fortnite. Her fans become Fortnite fans and vice versa. It’s in the soundtrack or the game that people are able to take a little bit of the game with them when they switch off. It’s the tune that stays with you and harks back to the time spent in game.

The music can define the genre or game

Whether it’s the online slot games at jackpotcity casino or your favorite adult adventure fantasy game, you’ll notice that the soundtrack has developed and matured. It’s generally in the music that you can immediately tell that it’s an adult game. Furthermore, some of the best e-racing games and first-person shooter games use electronic music that then begins to define the game itself.

There has been a progressing argument that online games and mobile video games have begun to kill the need for music, movies, and other forms of entertainment. The converse is actually truer, and the rise of online gaming has elicited an increased interest in music and movies.

The games industry has simply used music and movies to drive other aspects of its brand. There are even online casino games themed on a singer or specific genre of music, showing just how the interlinkages between gaming and music have become beneficial for both industries.


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