Why Music Has Such A Big Impact On The Games We Play?

why music has a big impact on the games

Music has been a part of our lives for thousands of years and now it has become something that most of us love.

From going to the local grocery store, eating in a restaurant, and playing at an online kaszinó, we can hear music all around us all the time. It is integral to our lives.

But the gaming industry has come a long way in promoting music and many huge artists have either granted licenses for their music to be used in video games or have even written specific music just for the game. It is a huge business for music artists to be involved in and some of the best-known games including casino games mentioned at gamblizard.de which is a perfect place to find the latest bonuses and coupon codes. Casinos have spent vast sums of money to attract big-name artists to help improve the player’s experience.

But why does music make such a big impact on games nowadays and why do the music industry and the gaming industry have such a strong relationship? Let’s take a look.

The Influence and Evolution of Music in Video Games

Music has come a long way in video games, remember the simple beeps in the Pong game released in the ’70s? Or the bat and ball sound playing Tennis? It consisted of a ping every time you hit a ball. Now with modern games, we can enjoy listening to our favorite artists whilst playing games. Rockstar took it to a new level when playing Grand Theft Auto, the ability to change radio stations and choose different genres gave the game a new feel and a bit more excitement. It seems that every new and modern game has a soundtrack, which is great for players of the new modern games.

Games can be Beneficial to Musicians

Although music is a vital part of modern video games, it can be just as important for artists. Although most sports games are not as reliant on music as other games, they can help get an artist noticed. Games like Madden and the FIFA series are just two examples of popular games that are known for having incredible soundtracks. Each year new games are released with completely new soundtracks. Millions of people spend their hard-earned money on both FIFA and Madden each year.

Although the music is not played while playing the game, songs are constantly being played in the background while you are setting up the game. Because most people tend to spend a lot of time setting up their team and organizing new competitions, players can spend hours listening to the soundtrack. On FIFA, you can press a button that allows you to change the song, so you can listen to your favorite track whenever you like.

In the past, many artists dreamed of having their hit songs played on major radio stations. This was a great way to have more people listen to their work. Over the past two decades, more people have been listening to music on streaming sites, social networking platforms, and video games. If an artist were to have their song added to a soundtrack on a popular game, it gives them the chance to have their music heard by millions of people. Many bands have now allowed their music to be used in video games and it is of course great advertising for them.

Video Gaming Music is Part of The Experience

Apart from the thrill and sheer enjoyment of playing a game, many people feel that soundtracks are one of the best parts of playing. It adds a different dimension to the whole experience and it can help take away the potentially mundane gameplay and gives you a buzz and excitement to spur you on to win and defeat your opponent.

Atmospheric soundtracks can bring games to the next level. First-person shooters and other action games often use driving soundtracks to enhance the person’s overall gaming experience. One of the most famous first-person shooter games of all time was called Doom. The player had to kill scary demons to win and to add to the chaos there was an incredible soundtrack created by Mick Gordon playing in the background. Without the game’s soundtrack, many believe the game wouldn’t have hit the heights it did.

Can Music Influence Your Chance of Winning?

why music has a big impact on the games

Music in itself cannot help you win while gaming, but some people claim it helps them to relax. The feeling of listening to your favorite music can lift your mood and put you in the right frame of mind. Usually, as within movies, music can set the tone of the scene.

Lots of people who play online casino games feel that music and sound effects can encourage them to gamble more, however, very few believe it affects their chances of winning. A lot of gamblers opt to mute the sound effects and any background music while gambling online.

Gamers Often Prefer Fast-Paced Music

Music in a game can set the tone of the gameplay. If you are playing a high octane first-person shooter then the music needs to have a high tempo. If you are playing a strategy game, and the soundtrack is too loud and fast-paced then it can be distracting. Online gaming employs different types of music to keep the high octane adrenalin feel of the situation you are in whilst gaming.

There is no point in an action-packed game to have a soothing soundtrack. Gamers look for fast-paced music to create a sense of excitement and enjoyment, yet they don’t want music that will exhaust them either. Video game designers spend a long time researching what is the best type of music for each of the games they work on.


Music is in our daily lives whether it is in the car, home, or shopping centers. It is an integral part of our lives. Now that gaming has become a lot more mainstream in recent years, the soundtracks have been a lot better than before.

With so much money involved in the gaming industry, it is no wonder why so many big-name artists want their music played in games. That trend is expected to continue.


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