These were the world’s highest paid DJs in 2017

highest paid DJs

34-year-old, Scottish DJ – Calvin Harris remains top of the list of highest paid DJs for the fifth consecutive year.

He maintains the number 1 position as electronic cash king with an approximate earnings of 49 million, despite taking a dip from his earnings in 2016. There are several reasons on why he has topped the list, and continues to be the richest DJ. Some of the reasons include pop collaborations including the recently released – One Kiss, with Dua Lipa, becoming the face of Armani underwear and more.

highest paid DJs

Following closely behind, Tiesto maintains the number 2 position on the list of highest paid DJs with an estimated earnings of 39 million because of playing at 134 gigs. The Chainsmokers are at number 3 with $38 million; while David Guetta fell to number 7 with approximately 25 million in earnings.

highest paid DJs

The striking point to note is that while the cumulative estimate of DJ earnings dropped by 1% in 2016; 2017 saw a 9% growth in the earnings with The Chainsmokers and Marshmello joining the list. Some DJ’s like Calvin Harris and Tiesto maintained their position on the list of highest paid DJs despite taking a hit, while there were those who rebounded in 2017.

highest paid DJs

One such American DJ producer is Steve Aoki, who jumped from an estimated 21 million earnings in 2016 to approximately 29.5 million in earnings in 2017.

Perhaps the only other interesting thing to note, apart from the new entrants to the highest paid DJ’s list is that there are no women DJ’s in this list, with most of the top ten being from the U.S. or northern Europe.

These rankings are decided on he basis of earnings from June 2016 – June 2017. This includes the fees of agents, lawyers and managers. However, there are a lot of DJ’s who despite earning millions, fall short of making to this list like Afrojack, Deadmau5, Dmitri Vegas and like Mike etc.

Having said that, the 2018 list for highest paid DJs is not far from it’s release, which we are eagerly waiting for to see, who tops the list this year.

Source: IMS Annual Business Report

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