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Apart from building brands in advertising, I love to collaborate with artists and musicians across the globe to create content and tell their stories to the world. Dance music for me has a way of understanding people’s emotions and it also inspires them to break through any barrier to create something beyond their goals.

Gaming Just Became More Fun With Spotify Available On PlayStations In India

Talk about scaling up and being available to consumers on all possible touch points, Spotify has made itself available on PS3’s and PS4’s in Columbia, Argentina, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Lebanon, and India.

Michelle And Barack Obama Will Now Produce Podcasts For Spotify

Podcast listening on Spotify has grown by 175% in 2018, followed by an investment of $500 million purely in podcasting.

Now Get Your Favorite Artist Engraved On A Necklace

Growing fans across the globe love to collect merchandise that is in any way connected to their artists.

T.H.E Interview – Armin van Buuren

It takes little to recognize that Armin van Buuren is one of the world’s biggest DJs and producers in electronic music for over twenty years.

TikTok Is Launching A Streaming Service To Compete With Spotify & Apple Music

Byte Dance, the Beijing based owner of the TikTok application and one of the world’s most valuable start-ups valued at $75 billion has decided to develop a paid streaming service after its successful run with Musical.ly.

Beatport Finally Announces A DJ Subscription Service – Beatport LINK

Earlier this week, Beatport announced its new subscription service for DJ’s.

Spotify Introduces Instagram Like Feature – ‘Storyline’

Spotify Storyline Spotify has launched the beta phase of its own story feature called ‘Storyline’.

Hooking Up At Festivals Is Now Easy With The Tinder Festival Mode Feature

Just like music, music festivals and technology also need to evolve to cater to the desires of a growing audience.

The Trailer Of ‘Beats’ Is Breaking The Internet With It’s 90’s Rave Culture!

Yes! The 90’s rave culture is coming of age with the film ‘Beats’, which will hit theatres in the UK and Ireland on May 17.

Say Goodbye To Mosquito Bites with Skrillex’s ‘Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites’

Now you do not have to pack special mosquito repellents when you are going outdoors on a trip or for a festival. All you need is a Skrillex playlist. Skrillex is a dubstep artist and recent findings show that this genre drives mosquitoes away.

Learn how to DJ with Professional Software at only ₹1300/month

DJ courses online have made it easy for all aspiring DJ’s to learn from a long list of online courses and video tutorials.

The story of Keith Flint, the man who inspired an entire “Rave Generation”

Yes, the frontman of Prodigy, Kieth Flint has died at 49.

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