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Spotify helps you find a dog who has the same musical taste as you, with Adoptify!

It has been suspected by many people that, dogs have their own taste in music which has now been confirmed by the Glasgow university. Spotify launched Adoptify in partnership with an animal shelter in Germany to create matches between individuals looking to adopt pets basis the Glasgow university research. Who better than Spotify to understand peoples taste in music?

Spotify’s new feature will help artists and labels to submit unreleased music

Spotify has done it once again! After announcing it’s lite version on android, Spotify announced the launch of a new consideration feature, on Wednesday, which will make it easier for artists and labels to submit unreleased music to the Spotify editorial team, which will be considered for their playlists. This feature will first see a beta launch, which will then be modified, after they receive fe...

Skrillex is crafting your next workout plan with the Feelcycle collaboration!

Skrillex is known for disk jockeying with different genres, opening up a taco restaurant and now he has created a sound track, along with a unique work out program, in collaboration with a Japanese company Feelcycle, for their upcoming workout classes.

Spotify’s CEO – Daniel Ek, is the newest member of the world’s billionaire club at 35!

The thirty-five-year-old co founder and CEO of Spotify – Daniel Ek, is now the newest billionaire from the tech industry.

Yes, you heard it right! Goldman Sachs’ appointed a DJ – David Solomon, as their president!

Recently, Goldman Sachs announced that the company will be tapping into David Solomon to pose as their sole president and chief operating officer of the investing banking firm. David Solomon is an American investment banker and record producer who has taken up his leadership positions at Goldman Sahcs since April 20th 2018.

[WATCH] Ben Affleck predicted the rise of Spotify and Netflix in 2003

A twitter user, deep dove on the history of file sharing and found an interview with Ben Affleck from 2003. In this interview, Ben Affleck predicted the rise of Spotify and Netflix along with their subscription based models accurately.

12 Electronic Dance Music terms that make you cool on Instagram

You love music and especially Electronic Dance Music? But, you do not know how to talk like the the musical enthusiasts on Instagram or at festivals? Well, don’t feel out of place as, we have just the list of Electronic Dance Music terms for you.

Did Apple Music beat Spotify’s paying subscriber base in the U.S.?

Couple of months ago, The Wall Street Journal reported a prediction that said – Apple Music would have a larger volume of paying subscribers, than Spotify by the end of the summer season. Some of us who are the Spotify loyalists, did not take that prediction very seriously. But, recent news on Digital Music News suggests that, Apple Music has more paying subscribers from the U.S. than that on Spot...

Will Ultra Miami take place in Bayfront Park next year?

Ultra unlocked quite a few achievements last year, one of which was, having a global presence, which is at par with Formula 1. They also acquired the Winter Music Conference and the International Dance Music Awards. Apart from all of these, Ultra also announced that in 2019, Ultra Miami may return to Bayfront Park.

Did you know Spotify is testing a ‘Lite’ version on Android?

Our most talked about music streaming platform Spotify has recently launched a lighter version of itself – Spotify Lite.

Revolutionary music streaming platform – Choon, is giving artists a much better deal!

If you happen to see what Choon is defined on the Urban Dictionary, the top definition would be – ‘A song or any piece of music to which an individual assigns the highest level of merit but, most usually an exclaimation upon hearing the song in public.’ When you scroll through all the other meanings you will notice that most meanings link with the words ‘music’ and ‘tunes’.

Australian Spotify listeners with free accounts now have the option to skip ads

All Australian Spotify listeners who are streaming free music, will now be able to do so, with the added ability to skip ads, starting today. With Choon recently changing the game for music streaming with its launch of monetized playlists, Spotify is not far behind. With this announcement Spotify is the first free music streaming service that allows users to skip ads.

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