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The most interesting Amsterdam Dance Event 2018 facts

The anticipation for the Amsterdam Dance Event grows stronger with each passing year. The year 2018 was supposed to be the largest one Amsterdam Dance Event has ever had. Did you know there were 2500 artists performing from 17th until 21st October?

Spotify turns 10, here’s how it has impacted the music industry!

Spotify recently turned 10 and Alan Cross who is a broadcaster with 102.1 the Edge and Q107, and a commentator for Global News, has broken down, if Spotify is good or bad for the music scene as a whole. While Spotify is not the only streaming service, it is now a dominant force in the music streaming space. Its reach extends to 65 countries with nearly 200 million users each month and allows for a...

Facebook launches its smart speaker, partners with Spotify, Pandora and iHeartRadio

Facebook has made its fans very happy with the launch of its very own smart speaker which will be Portal and Portal+. This device will primarily be a video communication device, which will compete with Google’s and Apple’s offerings.

Armin van Buuren reveals the ASOT 900 anthem in the most unique way!

Fans and the entire music industry always anticipate what Armin’s anthems for the ASOT milestone episodes are going to be. After Armin unleashed the anthem for ASOT 850 of – ‘Be in the Moment’, everyone has been patiently waiting to learn of the ASOT 900 anthem. If you know Armin, you also know, he always thinks on a unique and large-scale basis for announcements or celebrations.

Artists can directly upload tracks on Spotify for free

Today, Spotify took another bold step, by announcing that indie artists can directly upload their music to its service.

Watch robots play techno music

It has been proven by Moritz Simon Geist that, you don’t need expensive equipment to create musical beats. All you need is a troop of robots, some strobe lights and the love for music.

U.K. now has a mental health helpline for musicians and their crew

Recently, a new phone line has been launched to help musicians in the U.K. to advise them on their mental health, in case they ever need help. This service will also be available to artist managers, tour crews and record label employees.

Apple has been building a video streaming platform, which will supersede all other platforms

Apple has been quietly developing video content for over a year now. Every time Apple holds a media event we expect them to talk about an update on the phone, however, the trillion-dollar company is so much more than the famous device.

Here’s why the COO of Universal Music Publishing – Marc Cimino, is frustrated with Spotify

The recent buzz within the music industry is about Marc Cimino being frustrated. He is the oversees Universal Music Publishing executive which has one of the largest song catalogs in the world that collects royalties for Nicki Minaj, Adele, and Justin Bieber.

Spotify and Hulu’s 5$ bundle now includes a Showtime subscription

Spotify announced a bundle with Hulu for college students at $5 a month, last year. It makes us want to go back to school, doesn’t it? It has been a year since that deal, but Spotify is sweetening it further by improving the deal. They are adding a Showtime subscription to the old deal at no additional charge.

5 music festivals in Hong Kong that should be on your bucket list

Music festivals in Hong Kong might not be as frequent as regions like Europe and the United States Of America, however, it has its own set of unique festivals that must be on your festival bucket list.

Nadia Nair is proclaimed as the “Artist Of The Future”. But who is she?

MTV and Clash have called Nadia Nair the artist of the future. She is also known to be the fastest rising talent with her music surpassing all genres. Nadia has her own vocal style as she weaves in her diverse influences that include different genres of music like rock, soul, western pop, classical music and other ethnic and folk influences.

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