Behind the Music with Brooklyn Michelle: Unmasking the ‘Facade’ and Empowering Through Song

brooklyn michelle interview

Transcending the barriers of conventional music genres, Brooklyn Michelle recently gave us an intimate peek into her unique creative process in an enlightening interview.

Following a year-long hiatus, she’s returned to the music scene with her empowering new single “The Girl Not to Worry About,” and a much-anticipated EP “Facade.” Her transformation as an artist, marked by an evolved sound and an empowering message, will undoubtedly strike a chord with listeners worldwide.

Unmasking the motivations behind “The Girl Not to Worry About,” Brooklyn revealed, “What inspired the song was realizing I was right all along about someone who was gaslighting me.” The song, emanating from a place of self-validation and strength, encourages listeners to recognize that betrayal is not a personal loss, but rather a reflection of the betrayer’s inadequacies.

Translating the energetic vibe of the song, the music video showcases a vibrant celebration instead of a traditional heartbreaking narrative. Brooklyn shared her vision, saying, “I wanted the concept to show that same message of not giving that person who betrayed you any more of your energy… Just me and my friends having a blast despite the situation.”

Brooklyn’s hiatus turned out to be a fertile ground for evolution. It enabled her to rethink her approach to music. As she put it, “It allowed me to take a step back and reevaluate my approach to music… I see people bounce off each other’s ideas every day and figured I could let more people have an influence and involvement in my creation process than just me being alone.”

Her upcoming EP, “Facade,” is poised to hit the dance music scene with a bang. Brooklyn enthusiastically shared, “They can expect to dance! My friends have been begging me to create fun dance music for years now… I’m finally releasing music you can play in a club now, and I’m so excited to dance along!”

Drawing from personal struggles, the creation of “Facade” is an artistic journey that aims to provide a breather amidst a period of global uncertainty. Brooklyn sees the EP as a welcome distraction, stating, “We’re all tired of doom and gloom all the time and need some positivity, even if it’s just a distraction for a while… if it can help someone else for a short period of time, too, then it has served its purpose.”

Despite the lighthearted facade, there’s an undercurrent of raw emotion that lends the EP its depth. Speaking about the EP, Brooklyn stated, “I faced the challenge of writing lyrics to music that didn’t necessarily match how I felt… That’s why ‘Flight to Nowhere’ is a special one for me on the project. It’s where I kinda drop the facade and admit I’m not okay.”

Beyond just music, Brooklyn highlighted the importance of music videos in her creative process. “For me, it’s always the music videos… It’s one of my favorite visuals I’ve ever made, and it’s not even fully finished yet.” Her collaboration with Jitta On the Track promises an intriguing visual narrative for her upcoming video “They Don’t Get It.”

Brooklyn’s experiences in the music industry have given her a mature perspective. “I don’t buy into bullshit anymore. There are a lot of people in the industry who have kinda shattered my hopes and expectations… I don’t glorify anyone anymore but God. And I’m much more thankful for the genuine people I work with, knowing how rare they are to come by in the industry,” she shared.

In terms of influences, she mentioned, “For this project specifically, I’d say Dua Lipa and Anderson Paak… I was listening to both heavily when getting inspiration for production. I’d also love to work with either of them!”

With her evolving sound, inspiring lyrics, and empowering messages, Brooklyn Michelle’s latest works are much more than an EP or a single; they are a testament to her growth as an artist and a person. As she continues to navigate the landscape of music, one thing is clear – Brooklyn Michelle is an artist to watch.


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