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2017 has started off on a massive note for multi-talented DJ, producer, singer and songwriter – Sanjoy. He recently just signed with Sony Music / RAL, and now releases his first single on the label – OBVI.

Read our interview below where Sanjoy talks about OBVI, signing with SONY Music and joining the likes of The Chainsmokers, Daya and Flume on the label. :)

Shantanu – Hi Sanjoy, first of all how has the experience of working with Sony been so far?

Sanjoy – Exciting! First time in my life I felt good about signing something haha! It’s all because of the people on my team Kunal, Amar, Brent, Daniel, Tony, Bob, Chris, David etc (sorry if I’m leaving everyone out). Incredible people, only pressure on me is to make good music. They care a lot about me as an artist and are totally on par with my vision and that is the most important thing about a label.

Shantanu – What according to you are the biggest benefits of working in such an organised set up, compared to when an artist is just starting out?

Sanjoy – My best friends Kunal, Amar and I did everything from ground up. I mean literally everything from creating the music to shooting the videos, writing the press releases and hitting everyone up to share the music and try to get noticed. It was really tiring process to release a song. Now that I’m able to have industry professionals step in and do what each of them are best at is amazing. It is still teamwork and we are learning a lot from them!

Shantanu – Does it make it easier for you to work on the music when you know that the marketing, distribution etc is being taken care of by the team?

Sanjoy – Yes totally! And the fact that a team of experts who also care about my artistic vision, takes the load off even an artist further. We all want to build and grow together. I think it is going to be an exciting time moving forward for sure.

Shantanu – Could you tell us a little about ‘Obvi’, the first track of yours since you’ve signed with Sony?

Sanjoy – Obvi started with a conversation between Stephen (the songwriter) and I. We were both going through falling in and out of love at the time. We wanted to create a super real and relatable song. A song which has soul mixed in with heartache but also uplifting and optimistic vibe. Don’t know how to describe it in exact words, that’s why we wrote our feelings in form of a song!

Shantanu – Would you say that the track is on the same lines of the music that’s ‘trending’ right now, because we did feel that it was?

Sanjoy – Dance music has been trending for the past 5 years so yes I think so? The scales and inflections of the tune is all inspired from Indian classical music. Even in the instrumentation I’ve used Indian influences so I think that definitely sets me apart and adds the right amount of spice to the music without overdoing it ;)

Shantanu – What kind of styles would you like to experiment with going forward from here?

Sanjoy – I think this year people will hear a body of work that is versatile, yet has the Sanjoy sound to it. It doesn’t matter if I’m making Hardstyle or psy trance (I’m not) you’ll be able to hear my touch in it :)

Shantanu – What projects are in the pipeline currently, and when will the follow up to this track come out?

Sanjoy – We definitely want Obvi to gradually and organically grow before deciding the release date for the next single. However, I am in the studio everyday and my creative process will never stop. I try and channel everything into music. I want to be the best and to be the best you have to create every day. So I will never slow down. The next record is going to give you the chills down your spine and I’ll leave it at that.

Shantanu – Could you tell us a little about the musical journey of Sanjoy so far?

Sanjoy – Born in Bangladesh, brought up in California. I started learning Indian classical music at the age of 3 and moved to the U.S. when I was 11 years old. I could never really get into sports and other extracurricular activities. Music was only escape. I never consciously knew that I was good at making music. I would always write tunes in my head and try to put them together in a song form. I was gifted a laptop for my 13th birthday and that’s when I discovered the DAW Reason. I’ve never stopped making music since then and now I’m here with my new record Obvi ft. Elliott Yamin with T.H.E – Music Essentials!

Shantanu – Has the surrounding landscape of California influenced your musical style?

Sanjoy – Definitely! We’ve been blessed with amazing weather and people. California is a coast is a perfect mix of fun and drama. I think my music walks a fine line that reflects both :)

Shantanu – Who were some of the artists you listened to while starting out?

Sanjoy – I take inspiration from many different Artists. It ranges from Yanni, Hans Zimmer, AR Rahman to Skrillex, Deadmau5. Aside from other artists I think my multi-cultural background totally shapes my music and me as a person. The melodies and harmonies I create while writing music and my choice of instruments are definitely influenced from the music I grew up listening to. You can hear an eastern touch in my music and my cultural influences are what sets my music apart from others and makes my sound unique.

Shantanu – What is the best advice you’ve got from a fellow producer?

Sanjoy – Not a fellow producer, but Max Martin once mentioned in an interview that if you become stale, the next producer with the fire up his ass is going to take the throne. So keep creating as much as possible and work at your craft.

Shantanu – What does 2017 have in store for you when it comes to touring?

Sanjoy – Currently working with a really creative team of people to plan the live shows. Again, I want to bring a unique experience to the show and we are working tirelessly to figure everything out. Will be releasing tour dates soon!

Shantanu – 5 tracks that are on your playlist currently.

Sanjoy –

Obvi – Sanjoy ft. Elliott Yamin

For a Day – Chace & Moksi

Shape of You – Ed Sheeran

Dynamite – Nause ft. Pretty Sister

Final Song – MO (Diplo & Jauz Remix)

Shantanu – Would you be keen on visiting India anytime soon?

Sanjoy – This year I’m definitely visiting India. I lived in Mumbai for a bit and I love and miss everything about India. The culture, the people, the music, food. I can’t wait to play shows for my people very soon!

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