Jon Henry – Top 3s (Exclusive Interview with Matt Caldwell PR)


Rising DJ and producer Jon Henry is a newcomer within the Dance music scene, however he’s rapidly becoming one of the fastest moving artists around. Shifting from an acting and modelling career to enter the realm of DJing and production, Jon Henry is certainly showing he’s made the right move.

Building upon his musical background, Jon Henry is launching himself within the House sphere and is experimenting with his own unique sonic blends. In such a short time Jon has managed to turn many heads and 2015 can surely prove to be the big year for him.

Matt Caldwell PR – had the pleasure to talk to Jon about his favourite things in life and here are his Top 3s:

Hi Jon, thanks for catching up with us. We’ve got some Top 3 questions for you


Matt Caldwell PR – Top 3 all time tracks

Jon Henry – These are different every time because I remember different tracks so today…

1) On a Ragga Tip – SL2

2) Sandstorm – Darude

3) Alive – Locktown & Alexandra Prince

Matt Caldwell PR – Top 3 all time DJs

Jon Henry – I have very mixed tastes so…

1) Giorgio Moroder

2) Tiesto

3) Knife Party

Matt Caldwell PR – Top 3 singles in 2015 so far

Jon Henry –

1) This Feeling – L’Tric

2) Peanut Butter Jelly – Galantis

3) King – Years & Years

Matt Caldwell PR – Top 3 artists in 2015 so far

Jon Henry – No surprises here then…

1) L’Tric

2) Galantis

3) Years & Years

Matt Caldwell PR – Top 3 clubs

Jon Henry –

1) Ushuaia, Ibiza

2) Hakkasan, Las Vegas

3) Ministry of Sound, London

Matt Caldwell PR – Top 3 plug-ins in your production set-up

Jon Henry –

1) Reveal Sound – Spire

2) Valhalla DSP – Valhalla Room

3) Native Instruments – Massive

Matt Caldwell PR – Top 3 things you’d like to add to your production set-up this year

Jon Henry –

1) Waves Platinum

2) One of the Sugabytes bundles

3) Acoustic panels for my walls

Matt Caldwell PR – Top 3 music styles

Jon Henry –

1) Classic House

2) Funky/Disco House

3) EDM

Matt Caldwell PR – Top 3 dreams for your career

Jon Henry –

1) Play one of my top 3 nightclubs

2) Work with one of my top 3 DJ’s

3) Have a fully equipped professional studio at my home (in Beverley Hills?)

Matt Caldwell PR – Top 3 food dishes

Jon Henry –

1) Steak with peppercorn sauce, served with curly fries

2) Proper Italian pizza with garlic bread (and chewing gum or a mint for afterwards)

3) Am I allowed to say Chocolate Fudge Brownie Ben & Jerry’s?

Matt Caldwell PR – Top 3 vacation spots

Jon Henry –

1) Ibiza – kind of obvious but very true

2) California – I love the whole state but especially the greener places in the north

3) Bahamas – no explanation needed but I didn’t want this to be the only one without something next to it

Matt Caldwell PR – Top 3 things you’d rather have if stuck in an elevator

Jon Henry –

1) Tool kit to fix the elevator

2) Someone to assist

3) Probably wouldn’t need much else

Matt Caldwell PR – Top 3 things you’d do if you win the lottery

Jon Henry –

1) Answer number 3 from the question about my top 3 dreams for my career

2) Buy houses and cars for my whole family

3) Take everyone I love on holiday

Matt Caldwell PR – Top 3 life mottos

Jon Henry –

1) ‘Don’t wait for conditions to be perfect before you start. Starting is what makes conditions perfect.’

2) ‘If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things.’

3) ‘Find what makes you happy and do it as often as possible. Everything else is just background noise.’

Matt Caldwell PR – Top 3 things not many people know about Jon Henry

Jon Henry –

1) My real name is Jonathan Paul Spurling so I wanted my DJ name to be Jon Paul but that was already taken by the Pope so I used ‘Henry’, which is actually my brother’s middle name

2) I have an IQ of 700

3) I have a tendency to exaggerate

Matt Caldwell PR – Thanks Jon!

Jon Henry – A pleasure as always!

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