T.H.E Interview – Kyle Trippy

kyle trippy interview

Kyle Trippy embodies what it means to be a great artist, with his incredible story telling to his inspired melodies, he sets himself apart from other R&B artists to create his own style of the genre and that is shown so perfectly with his latest single ‘No Attachment’.

We spoke with Kyle Trippy to discuss this thoughts on 2021, “No Attachment”, musical influences and more.

Kyle Trippy Interview

Aditya – Hey Kyle Trippy, welcome to this edition of T.H.E – Interviews! How’s 2021 been for you so far?

Kyle Trippy – 2021 has been nice, just working and trying to hone in on my skills.

Aditya – ‘No Attachment’ your latest single sounds NEAT, it’s undeniable. Could you run us through the creative process of the track?

Kyle Trippy – I create mostly by myself, and late at night just because that is the only real free time I have during the day. No Attachment was made around a year ago at like 3 in the morning, my computer and microphone at the time were like 3 feet away from my bed. Once I heard the beat I had to make something with it, I’m glad it came out the way it did.

Aditya – The drums sound very clean in the track. How did you achieve a mix like that?

Kyle Trippy – I probably have like 30-40 mixes of that song haha. I listen to it on every speaker I can get my hands on, just to see if it keeps the same energy and bounce whether you’re playing it on an iPhone or a pair of monitors.

Could you tell us about the story & direction behind the music video?

Kyle Trippy – I didn’t want to do the textbook – boy gets girl – music videos. You listen to the track and that’s what you’d expect. I wanted people to be confused and asking questions throughout. This is the second part in a 3 part series, told in reverse. The first part being “Restless” which I released a few months ago. In my head I had a Horror/Tragedy type feel I wanted to accomplish through these videos and I hope I’m reaching that.

Aditya – Who influenced you to become a singer/producer?

Kyle Trippy – A singer, my sister for sure. She used to sing all the time and record videos of herself singing. She even tried out for American Idol back when it was huge in the states. Seeing her sing and even record it with that level of confidence definitely influenced and inspired me to try and do something similar.Producing, I would say Nick Mira – the producer behind Juice WRLD. I used to watch him on youtube when I was like 14 before I even remotely thought about doing anything with music. He would make like 30-40 minute videos of him producing and I would watch and just soak up information. When I actually started producing he definitely gave me a head start in terms of formulating ideas and understanding how to make the sounds I wanted to make.

Aditya – I read that your father is a radio host. I’d love to know more about that.

Kyle Trippy – He was a DJ back in the day, DJ Rob. Dude used to do weddings and other events throughout the 90s and early 2000s. He also came out of retirement to DJ my sister’s wedding a few years ago. Shoutout pops.

Aditya – Do you think it’s viable to be a full-time indie producer after the disastrous pandemic, especially in the US.

Oh yeah, for sure. Music, especially today, really has no location. You really don’t need a ‘studio’ anymore. The idea of massive control surfaces and rows of faders is old. I have seen the craziest songs and beats get made in cars, kitchens, closets. If you have a laptop you can make a crazy beat.

Aditya – Tell us about the first studio you built when you were 17.

Kyle Trippy – I’m a massive tech and music nerd, so I’ve always been into audio and computers and all that. I enjoy the technical nature of it and making beats and engineering is kind of along the same lines so I gravitated towards it. At first I just had a laptop and a microphone, I would have people come to me to record. It was just a couple of dudes from the city and some kids I had gone to school with that would record but pretty quickly I gained a little clientele. It was literally just my bedroom so I would always make my own stuff really late at night before I went to sleep. Truthfully, at first I made my own beats and music to get better at engineering and the speed of the craft so I could perform better when engineering for others. It didn’t take long for me to begin releasing my own stuff, though.

Aditya – What’s in the pipeline for the last quarter of 2021?

Kyle Trippy – I plan to release one more video and soon after release a project, in an attempt to tie everything I’ve been doing together. I hope those who listen enjoy it.

Aditya – Lastly, Jimmy Kimmel or Jimmy Fallon?

Kyle Trippy – Fallon for sure, dude is classic. Shoutout Kimmel for sure but c’mon, Fallon is too classic.


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