T.H.E Interview – Samurai

Samurai interview

Samurai is a 20-year-old producer from China whose passion for music is incredibly fierce. His latest release was an incredible collaboration with school friends Jason Yan and Aiden titled ‘Losing Yourself’ which has launched him into the spotlight, showcasing his talents to the rest of the industry. We caught up with Samurai to discuss his latest deep and mysterious track ‘Nightmare’.

T.H.E – Talk us through the inspiration behind ‘Nightmare’

Samurai – Before I produced ‘Nightmare’, I had one song called ‘Sword’ and it’s more of a melodic bass house track. For this one, I want to do something Halloween themed, so I did darker sound design and I think it fits my brand much better.

T.H.E – What’s your favourite part of the track?

Samurai – I like the whole song! Emmm… if I had to select one part, I think the verse is my favorite!

T.H.E – Did you have to overcome any struggles producing this tune?

Samurai – Of course, when I designed the sound, I faced a big problem trying to get the perfect sound that I had imagined but, in the end, I finally got the right sound.

T.H.E – What one word best describes your music?

Samurai – Incredible

T.H.E – How has the initial reaction been?

Samurai – Perfect! My friend told me that when they first listened to ‘Nightmare’, they fell in love with BassHouse! You can’t get much better than that.

T.H.E – Which part of the track did you start with first?

Samurai – The drop is usually the first part I start with. It’s a personal habit because I think the drop is the heart of any song.

T.H.E – Can we hear any of your musical influences in ‘Nightmare’?

Samurai – I think people can hear what kind of bass house I want to show and produce. I want to use my sound design and melody to conquer the audience. 

T.H.E – What’s next for Samurai?

Samurai – In the future, I will keep my style and focus more on the sound and melody, I feel like I’ve really found my feet with this. To mix things up a bit I’m going to get really creative and try my best to produce some experimental Basshouse like speed Bass house. I’m just having fun making music at the moment.


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