T.H.E Interview – Valoramous

Valoramous interview

Valoramous talks to us about creating “Coming Home” with Clawdeeoh and more.

Pavan – Welcome Valoramous, to T.H.E Interviews. We’re glad to be talking to you! How’s the preparation going on for the upcoming summer?

Valoramous – It is an honor to conduct this interview with you. Thank you for your time. In regards to summer preparation, I think that it remains an understatement to mention that the world is ready to move beyond our current global event. I am optimistic that we will witness a moderate reopening to travel this summer, but I am also prepared for the worst case scenario should quarantines and lockdowns continue throughout the duration of 2021. In either case, I will continue to focus on music production by collaborating with other artists, improving my craft, and maintaining a consistent schedule of new music releases. Should travel restrictions lessen, I would like to conduct some international trips in Europe.

Pavan – You have just worked on a new single “Coming Home” , along with Clawdeeoh. Tell us the story behind this production.

Valoramous – The idea for “Coming Home” arose due to our shared backgrounds and mutual experiences.

Clawdeeoh and I first met each other in the summer of 2019, and instantly forged a bond due to our love of and passion for producing Electronic Dance Music (EDM), as well as our mutual backgrounds as U.S. Army veterans (of Iraq and/or Afghanistan). When we decided to collaborate on a track in 2020, we further discussed our backgrounds and realized that we also possessed an additional similarity: connection to small towns in Texas (i.e. Shiner, Texas for Clawdeeoh and Wimberley, Texas for myself [Valoramous]).

After creating the initial instrumental melody and arrangement for the track, Clawdeeoh and I brainstormed ideas for a potential theme, and instantly recognized a common theme of reunion (after a prolonged absence) in our lives. Thus, “Coming Home” connects the emotions of euphoria and nostalgia omnipresent in reunions with hometowns, family, friends, and other loved ones. We believe that our official “Coming Home” music lyric video also highlights these emotions and themes through various genuine imagery.

Pavan – We have all been away from our families in these tough times, is there a connection between the lyrics and the current situation in the world?

Valoramous – Definitely. Because I co-produced this track while unable to travel and visit loved ones during the quarantines and lockdowns of 2020 and 2021, I think my mind instantly resonated with the idea of homesickness. I am not alone as I know many others could not travel or return home either. I think “Coming Home” authentically connects our current situation with the listener in a very relatable manner. Because returning home (after an extended hiatus) means reuniting with friends and family and sharing in an initial joyous embrace.

Pavan – How has it been working with another talented producer like Clawdeeoh?

Valoramous – The experience of producing “Coming Home” taught me patience and perseverance, while I also learned new production and mixing techniques from Clawdeeoh (and vice versa).

A collaboration track takes far longer to produce than a solo track (or even a track with a featured artist) because both producers/artists must agree on an overall direction and carefully compose the collaboration track in a manner that both artists’ audiences may recognize as belonging to each artist. Thus, the collaboration process dictates a slow, methodical, and tedious approach to producing.

Working with Clawdeeoh was an absolute joy due to our shared backgrounds and experiences. Due to our similar work ethics, we built immediate trust. I would love to work with Clawdeeoh again in the future.

Pavan – What has been your inspiration in music making? We see a lot of similarities with Avicii’s style of music. Is there some connection?

Valoramous – My inspiration for producing music is major life events. I desire to fuse energy, euphoria, and EDM. I personally relate with themes of euphoria and nostalgia (e.g. monumental events such as graduations, reunions, championships, competition, perserverence through a struggle, etc.).

My biggest influences are David Guetta, Tiesto, Timmy Trumpet, Avicii, and Diplo. I am honored to hear that you observe similarities between my music and the late Avicii (RIP). His unfortunate passing in 2018 profoundly affected me. I thoroughly enjoyed his melodies, unique compositions, and collaborations with singers of various genres (i.e. Country, Pop, R&B, etc.); shortly after Avicii’s passing, I decided to fully invest myself into music production.

Pavan – What do you have in mind for the rest of this year?

Valoramous – I desire to release at least 10 tracks in 2021, including at least eight (8) collaborations. If economies reopen, I plan to DJ at bars and nightclubs and share my passion for open-format (especially EDM and Pop) music. I also plan to travel internationally, reunite with friends and family, and connect with other artists for future multi-genre collaborations.

Thank you for your time during our interview.

Pavan Kumar


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