T.H.E Interview – VIVID

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Asia’s pioneer Future & Bass House music producer, VIVID is widely recognized as Japan’s most successful foreign DJ.

Off the back of a very impressive remix for Tritonal, VIVID sat down with us to take us behind the remix, how it came about, and gave us a few insights on the Japanese dance music scene.

T.H.E – Hey man! It’s good to chat with you again. How’s it going?

VIVID – It is going great! I am coming off a fantastic summer with loads of great shows and big releases.

T.H.E – Love your remix of Tritonal’s “Easy.” What was your reaction like when the duo asked you to remix the track?

VIVID – I remember when I first received the email. I was on a cramped Tokyo subway train, and I nearly jumped for joy with the news bumping into the other passengers, hah!

T.H.E – Did it bring a certain amount of pressure given Tritonal’s popularity?

VIVID – It sure did. I had a chance to hang with the Tritonal boys when they played their show in Tokyo earlier in the summer. Over a few bowls of ramen, we were able to discuss the remix. They gave some great feedback on my earlier demos, and the final product is thanks to their help.

T.H.E – Were there any influences you sourced, to make the remix? How long did it take, and how happy are you with the output?

VIVID – The track took 3 to 4 weeks to finish, and there were about 4-5 different versions of it. Each was quite different, but I ended up going with the style of leads I have been perfecting in my last few releases like “Ocean” and “This Love.” I find these kinds of drops play very well to my Asian audiences.

T.H.E – This isn’t your first association with Enhanced Music. You also released “Ocean” on this imprint. How is it working with them?

VIVID – It has been great! This remix will mark my 5th release with Enhanced Music. They have been incredibly supportive of my career, and I actively have been working to spread the sound of ENHANCED throughout Asia.

T.H.E – Your collaboration with Morgan Page – “Fire & Gold” hit #20 on the USA Dance Radio Charts. Do you particularly focus on ensuring that your songs are radio-friendly, or is it where you feel most comfortable?

VIVID – This week is a big week, “Fire & Gold” has broken into the Billboard Dance Charts (Dance / Mix Show Airplay). This release was my first attempt at producing a radio-friendly record. But thanks to Morgan Page, we were successfully able to blend our style into a club-friendly track that can be played on the radio.

T.H.E – From a touring point of view, you have done a lot of shows in Asia. What are some of your fondest memories?

VIVID – I have so many! But at a recent show in China, I was greeted with a slew of future house fans, given gifts, signed a massive poster, and was even given a custom made blue-tooth speaker celebrating the grand opening of the nightclub.

T.H.E – Which countries, in particular, have caught your eye?

VIVID – The EDM scene has shifted a lot over the past decade. I love to play in all the Asian countries, but some of my favorite cities are Changsha, Nanjing, Seoul, Taipei, Bangkok, and of course, Tokyo!

T.H.E – Could you tell us a bit about the club scene in Tokyo? Is it a positive environment for budding producers/DJs?

VIVID – Tokyo is an exciting scene, for sure. There are loads of nightclubs, both underground and commercial, and even more producers. Unfortunately, the nightclub scene doesn’t support the producers as much as they should. They tend to favor the open-format DJ over the producer. But I believe this will change as more and more producers earn international acclaim.

T.H.E – Thanks, man!

VIVID – Thank you!


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