‘A constant process of redefinition’: Arkana’s brand new EP needs to be heard!


Oregon based producer Arkana has been one of the finest American exports, known for his ethereal and uncompromising productions which include soaring textures and stunning cinematic influences.

While it’s common for producers to concentrate on dance-floor impact, Arkana‘s primary focus is the evocation of an emotional response in the listener, creating a body of work that lasts far beyond the club.

After a long hiatus, Arkana returned with a stunning 5 track EP called as ‘Ein Sof’ EP. He regards this EP as a culmination of constant process of self-creation and redefinition. An EP which represents his efforts to achieve perfection.

Arkana also emphasizes the influence of electronic/postrock project Death & Rebirth behind ‘Ein Sof’. He says, ‘Through the process of Death & Rebirth I learned an insane amount about myself, and the person I want to become. In 2016 we released our debut EP “Taijitu” which was a style completely out of my comfort zone, and shortly after we debuted our single “Kodama”. I felt like I overcame the mental block I was having with music, and I was really starting to understand and craft my own sound. I’m thankful and humbled for every moment I shared with my friend in that project, it changed my life.’

The monumental effort behind the EP is noticeable. ‘Ein Sof’ is filled with deep and watery anthems, equally distant from the timeless density with a gritty opportunism of a club banger, and its distinct production quality is for everyone to see.

Title track, ‘Ein Sof’ is exactly what Arkana’s loyal fanbase would expect from him. Deep, dark and filled with haunting textures. The tune takes a spiritual approach while maintaining some crisp drum work throughout the tune. Our favourite from the EP.

The EP picks up tremendous pace with ‘Kether’. The stuttering melody lines in ‘Kether’ weave and spin through the blasts of some serious bass pulse with a certain irresistible eloquence. The track has an infectious energy attached to it.

‘Tzimtzum’ is another example of Arkana’s penchant for crunchy basslines mixed with epic orchestrated sounds, wonky synths blended with some immaculate drum work.

‘Malkuth’ which features some immaculate guitar work from the member of Arkana’s Death & Rebirth motif is a 4-minute journey full of highly melodic, superbly arranged, precisely mixed, texturally varied electronic music that sounds like it could have come a prodigious talent like Arkana.

Final track, ‘Netzach’ absorbs many different sounds, from loping breakbeat to drum’n’bass, but in a subtler way. It has a way of making other genres seem like they exist to serve this particular vision. Gorgeous to say the least.

‘Ein Sof’ is out on Arkana’s imprint, New Dawn. So make sure you nab a copy of this stunning release here.

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