Charlotte De Witte Drops 2 Brand New EPs On KNTXT

charlotte de witte music

Charlotte de Witte’s KNTXT label serves up not one but two new EPs, both from the label founder herself.

The Selected EP kicks off with the title track, a cantering banger with distorted drums making for pure techno power. ‘Form’ is just as driven and all-consuming, this time with some acid lasers shooting across the track. ‘Time’ has a more molten and hypnotic 303 line coming on like sonar pulse over terrorising drums and ‘Amar’ closes with gorgeous synths that suspend you in the cosmos.

As for the Pressure EP, it’s another high octane, wall rattling affair that includes plenty of lush ambient details such as the deep space horizons and spoken word musings of ‘Meridians’ (Vocal Mix) and its cavernous dub version, as well as the edgy and perfectly tense peak time cut that is ‘Pattern’.

“The Selected and Pressure EPs are to me, the perfect reflection of the music I have been playing over the years.” says de Witte. “On Selected, people will find straightforward techno with the acid twist that I love to bring to the floor when I’m touring. Its counterpart, Pressure, is an extension of the mixes I bring to my BBC Radio 1 Residency – a more ambient approach that’s rougher around the edges. Both can be seen as an ode to the techno I love and cherish”.


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