Cheat Codes teams up with Kim Petras for “Feeling Of Falling”

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The track provides a bright and intimate vibe!

The talented trio that comprises Trevor Dahl, Matthew Russel and Kevi Ford, Cheat Codes, has joined forces with the pop sensation Kim Petras for an exciting new single, “Feeling Of Falling”. The collaboration between the two artists is a first and is now out via 300 Entertainment.

The track that houses a variety of musical expressions begins with vocals that instantly grab your attention. With catchy electronic hooks and a quite laidback tempo, the artists have provided a feeling that makes you fall in love with the track. Whether the warm guitar works or the charm that the lyrics exude, the track is a perfect pop-infused electronic beauty.

As the track provides a really bright and intimate vibe, the artists have surely put in a lot of effort and love into it. Here’s what Matt has to say, “The feeling of falling in love is great but it’s hard not to think about or compare it to past experiences of heartbreak. It puts you in a really vulnerable place. It can be the best thing but also the worst”.

With music that blends in electronic and pop elements beautifully, the trio has been phenomenally influential in the industry. Their meteoric rise is quite evident and the credit for that goes to tracks like “Turn Me On’, “Sex”, and “No Promises” feat Demi Lovato. The collaboration with Demi Lovato rocked the summer of 2017 with a peak position of #5 on POP Radio and more than 600 million streams. They also performed it alongside Demi on the The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and Good Morning America. After top collaborations with the likes of Kiiara and U2, the artist sees a special one here with Kim.

Kim expresses her take on the track as follows, “Feeling of Falling is a song about ending up brokenhearted and trying to stay away from the love to protect yourself. I’m the biggest emo so I really connected to the song! Cheat Codes are amazing and I’ve had the best time collaborating on this one”.

One of 2018’s biggest breakout stars, Kim Petras has seen immense success. With tracks like “Heart To Break” which has surpassed 13 million streams on Spotify, she’s gotten a lot closer to audiences in the US which is also backed by the recognition as a Spotify RISE artist and billboard appearances in Times Square and London.

This is a special collaboration that has created an equally special track! We really hope they share studio time more often. What do you think of it? Let us know below. Download the track here.

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