ChuckT Delivers Some Much-Needed Love With His Debut Album “Electronic Maestro”

chuckt electronic maestro album

California based Producer/Engineer Chuck T just put out his debut album. We are glad we caught this little shining gem full of groove and we have so many things to talk about this groovy 11-record amalgamation.

Most albums feature one or two genres with some vocal records and some instrumental solos. But this lockdown has brought out the weirdest aspects of dance music into play. Artists have been working really hard to represent their feelings through music and oddly, many of them are putting out strictly instrumental LPs and albums. “Electronic Maestro” by ChuckT is one such album. From Lofi to retro wave, this album has every underrepresented electronic music genre that has been on the big playlists since the start of the COVID lockdown.

“Fresh Steppin” is a trip down the memory lane. Beautiful synth melody over a 4 to the floor house rhythm makes a perfect throwback to the delicious ’90s. The Downtempo house aspect of this record is also followed in the next record “Hot Nights”. With aspects of disco gracing this record, it aims to deliver a groovy bliss for its full run-time.

Unlike these two records, “Chuck’s Groove” delivers a different flavor. Minimalism is best represented throughout this OG hip hop instrumental. The simple melody and the scratch samples make it really catchy and fun to listen to. ChuckT brings some of that Lo-Fi magic with “Cool Tho”. With a dangerously calming blend of rich sounds and warm basslines, “Cool tho” is a fluffy and tender record that can put anyone at ease. This track is a good gateway for listeners experimenting with Lo-Fi.

“A.A.C. 21” is a completely different story. With future/Synthwave clashing with the much popular Hip hop/ Trap, it delivers a solid punch. This experimental record creates a surprisingly great harmony between two chaotic genres and delivers the much-needed heat.

This album is a great collection of individually shining records. We are quite excited about ChuckT’s future works.

But for now, stream ChuckT’s “Electronic Maestro” here.


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