Dustycloud Rains Down With a Dark and Thunderous Three-Track Bass House ‘Fate’ EP

Dustycloud fate ep

It’s been roughly one year since Dustycloud rained down on the Insomniac Records catalog in all his bass-riddled house glory when he took the imprint by storm via his stellar ‘Skyfall’ EP.

With the dust finally settling on his last appearance, it felt like high time to hit up the Parisian producer for a proper follow-up. And, as is always the case, the man does not MISS! The unstoppable force is now ready to unveil his sophomore EP on Insomniac, ‘Fate.’

The opening cut “Obsession” is a thumping number undercut by booming basslines, clanky percussive fills, menacing chord sequences, and an overzealous vocal hook that will shadow your every move. “I made this song to remind everyone of the times of listening to bass house bangers with their friends at festivals,” he explains. The bombastic power this track packs most definitely deserves to be heard on a massive big rig during the height of a night filled with frolics. Next in line is a dark and driving offering called “Truth,” earning its name through a mumbling spoken word sample that spits straight facts about the underground scene while high-energy riffs drill their way directly into your cerebral cortex. It is the most hostile banger from the bunch, which he claims to have been “a very, very old project that was sleeping for too long on my computer”—giving it a fresh update with the extra free time he’s been afforded over the last few months of quarantine. Lastly, the energy slows down to a daze-inducing pace on “Day To Remember,” as hazy chord arrangements and a smooth groove glide beneath an airy topline to wrap up the affair with a hope-this-night-never-ends kind of mood. It’s a shimmering vocal-led cut that features a special cameo from Dusty’s very own girlfriend, who provides the vocal glue holding it all together.

“I’m really happy about releasing this EP at this time,” says Dustycloud. “After a few months of quarantine and not releasing much new music, I’m really proud to come back with these three different tracks with a label that’s always supported me, Insomniac Records.”

Aside from the few stints he’s handled on the Insomniac Records side, the French phenomenon has spent the last few years chipping away at a body of work that continually finds him rubbing shoulders with like-minded artists who are also reshaping the face of modern-day house music. His knack for constructing solar plexus-punching bass house has allowed him to make all kinds of noise for revered labels from the likes of Confession, Deadbeats, STMPD, and an appearance on the first installment of the ‘mau5trap x Insomniac Records’ compilation. Dustycloud’s ‘Fate’ EP is not so much a return to form as it is a self-fulfilling prophecy in which the groove-making machine reminds us that he’s destined to hold onto his bass house crown.


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