Eric Prydz debuts new track in memory of his deceased fan


In today’s electronic music scene, very few incidents create an emotional impact, as have the kind gestures of Eric Prydz.

A few weeks ago, you may have heard the heart breaking story of James Lillo, a massive fan of Eric Prydz, being diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. His last wish was to see Eric live. Once this came to Eric’s notice, Eric decided to perform a show exclusively for James.

But sadly, James didn’t make it that long. This incident touched Eric and in honour of James, he decided to perform 2 shows at Sound Nightclub and donate the proceeds to cancer research. As per the latest figures, over $60,000 have been raised so far.

Eric channeled his emotions towards shaping this lovely track, which he played at Sound Nightclub. This track is titled ‘Lillo ID3’. This was played in memory of James and it has a very uplifting and motivating tune.

Listen to this beautiful track below.

May your soul rest in peace, James.

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