Esseks releases a mind-bending EP via Wakaan – “Broken Thought”

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Get ready to have your mind blown!

New York-based, rising DJ and producer Esseks crafts an incredible EP which is now out on Liquid Stranger’s WAKAAN label. “Broken Thought” is the EP we’re talking about, which contains six exhilarating tracks which are ready to serve you this year-end.

The mammoth EP opens with “CGIdol”, which brings forth a really unconventional vibe while “Peephole” offers a really gripping experience with its raw, haunting textures. The third track “Zig Zag” is a treat for those who love trippy stuff as it provides a unique vibe although laidback in nature. The energy of the first three tracks continues further into the other three as well.

“Mellow Drama” displays a stark difference from the previous track, although maintaining a similar tempo. It uses more robotic elements combining with the rich drums works and offers a livelier ambiance. “Deadbolt” almost seems like an extension of the earlier track. The final track “Painted Blood” is dominated by groovy synth lines and some really creative percussive elements.

His dark and playful sense of music has cast its charm on the fans and has enabled his music to be recognized instantly. His releases are also out on labels like Deadbeats, Saturate, Gravitas Recordings, And Smokers Cough alongside Wakaan.

The creativity of the artist is quite evident as he manages to give each track a whole new texture, although all of them have similar styles. His experiments have worked wonders in all of these six tracks and he deserves a lot of streams on the album! Having hand painted all the artwork for his music, it’s this kind of devotion and attention to detail that continues to stand out for the WAKAAN label. Continuing to transport us to darker and deeper dimensions since emerging on the scene in 2012, Essek’s music is sure to find a home at WAKAAN time and time again.

There’s something new about the music style from Esseks and we’re sure you that a lot of you could join his committed band of followers. Leave your comments about it below and download the track here.

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