Forbidden Society Is ‘Overthinking’

forbidden society overthinking

Forbidden Society is set to drop another album in April, following his landmark ‘Liminal Point’ LP release almost two years prior.

However since then his work rate has never let up; renowned for his self-titled label, as well as releases on RAM Records and VISION, his workrate over the past two years has been incredible despite the obvious problems which have been faced by many artists (and despite running his own clothing brand too!).

But as clubs in Europe begin to reopen, now is the perfect time for him to drop his brand new LP, which many fans have been waiting for patiently. ‘[No Return]’ is a clear show of force from Forbidden Society and the Czechia native brings his no holds barred drum & bass, and raucous 140 flavors into the mix for another incredible release on his own label.

‘Overthinking’ is the next single from Forbidden Society which is out today. Keeping the same drum & bass underbelly, whilst also fusing this with the more stripped back currents of the artist’s production, alongside a nasty bite which runs through all the BPMs of Forbidden Society’s work, it’s another expert imagining which nods to how explosive the forthcoming album will be.

With a launch party in Czechia alongside Audio, ‘[No Return]’ is another monumental move for Forbidden Society and ensures his evolution as an artist is still continuing, alongside a release schedule which hasn’t let up since the start of his career.

The full album is set to be released on April 13th.

Hannah Helbert


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