‘The Drop’ by Gammer receives its second pack of remixes!


There’s no stopping Gammer on the ever infectious success of ‘The Drop’. The track recently received it’s first pack of remixes from the likes of Skellism, Stonebank, 4B X NvrLeft, Slippy and Wooli. It comes with another stunner set of remixes as it heads towards becoming one of the most remixed tracks.

Darren styles has shown no mercy on the feet of the dancers, with his fast-paced, highly energetic remix of the track. Packing together a sense of both psy and hard music, it’s unique in its texture! We’re sure this ones got the ability for a good crowd-control routine.

Dyro comes with a remix that stays true to his nature of production and one can easily identify that it’s a Dyro remix quite instinctively! The drop is led to, in a rather conventional manner, but leads to a trippy experience as it makes you want to listen to it in all those classy parties you attend.

Dubloadz begins the remix with a very sick entry and we love it! It surely grinds your mind pretty strong and slowly builds up into an incredibly bad-ass drop. Coupled with some clever screeches and funky tones, it sure stands out in the album!

Another Dub remix of this pack of remixes is from Francis Derelle which is high on energy that’s unmatchable. The drop has some quirky tunes off the video games but it sure gives you a feeling like you’re playing a shooting game based in outer space :D haha.

Next one’s from Gent & Jawns, and this one’s quite unique from the rest on this album. Starting off pretty hard, it maintains a strong tempo and feeling all throughout the mix. The highlight is definitely the second drop. Wont say much, take a look for yourself.

The final one from JstJR starts of melodiously and instantly pulls you down into its incredibly fast flavour and pushes you into a trench of bliss! As wild as it sounds, it maintains its ability to be a track that suits all kinds of music lovers! With unexpected breaks and clever work with the bass, it surely is a monster.

As ‘The Drop’ continues to become one of the biggest hits that have ever happened, people have also been asking for a part -3 of remixes too! That explains a lot. What do you think?

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Pavan Kumar


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