Haliene’s Dream In Color receives remixes from various artists

Dream In Color remixes

Haliene, who first rose to fame with her collaboration with Seven Lions on The End, grew quite fast in the industry. Now, her successful single Dream In Color sees a pack of remixes from various artists. With remixes from Amidy, Stonebank, Jason Ross, Mazare, Ferry Corsten and Ruben de Ronde, the versatile pack serves one and all!

The first mix from Amidy starts off in with a dark vibe and some drums in the background before getting bright – facilitated by the soothing vocals. Dropping into the dynamic bit of music which is heavy in bass, percussion, and energy, the track displays a lot of variety.

Ferry Corsten begins the mix with an upbeat tempo, which quickly ascends and drops into a spree of thumping beats- staying true to his signature style. The blend of vocals with the intense-sounding progressions feels so complete, reminding you why Ferry is such a revered act. With a dynamic climax, the track is a perfect club-banger.

The Jason Ross remix sucks you into its vibe in a hurried fashion! With a slightly faster tempo than the others, it surprises you with variety in the second half of the track and once again brings you back onto the intense beats towards the climax.

Mazare’s remix starts in a very subtle fashion, with the vocals predominantly taking the lead. As we approach the first drop, you might want to fasten your seatbelts because the intense drum and bass works will take you on a whole new ride! Ending with melodic chimes and piano chords soothing you, it settles you down after taking you to a new high.

Starting off with some spacey sounds in the background, the remix from Ruben de Ronde is led by loopy vocals and some trippy music. With breaks that are unexpected, the DJ manages to fuse in piano melodies which complement the vocals in an incredibly beautiful fashion! With a very raw vibe and an unfailing quality of making any crowd jump to it all night, it is a great addition to the pack.

Enigmatic is the right word to describe the opening of Stonebank’s remix which hints at a euphoric few minutes right at the beginning. Staying true to the expectations set, the track immediately unleashes its bad-ass vibe and gives you insight into the DJs incredible versatile mind! Get ready to head-bang hard when you hear this one!

The incredible pack of remixes only speaks for Haliene’s immense success with the track and all we can tell you is – you HAVE to listen to each one of them for sure! Buy/Stream this pack here and leave your comments below!

Pavan Kumar


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