Lookas gets remix treatment for ‘Lucid’ EP


It is always fun to get a pack of remixes for good music! This time, Lookas is getting a remix treatment for his ‘Lucid’ EP and has also come out with a music video for Eclipse.

The album has received mixes from an amazing bunch of artists like Bishu, Fury, Signal, TYNAN and ZAXX. The album boats of a clear variety of music and approaches.

We Are Fury have come up with a soothing dubstep version of ‘Alarm’ and it truly is one to be labelled as beautiful. With the clear, enchanting vocals, the track is sure to take you to a tranquil state, however ensuring you groove to the subtle and bright dub beats. Bishu’s remix of ‘On My Own’ is another trap delight, although being slow on the tempo. It is largely plain and has a good mix of traditional drums with some fun tunes in between.

ZAXX’s remix of ‘On My Own’ has a rather blissful touch to it as compared to Bishu. There’s a lot of experimenting that one can witness in this remix as it beholds a very basic first part, but in the latter part of the track, it gets exciting. Let us not tell you more, listen and you’ll love it. Signal’s remix of ‘Alarm’ is crafted intelligently, picking up momentum right from the beginning. It carries on with some fast paced beats, and gets your adrenaline pumped up for sure!

TYNAN’s remix of ‘Eclipse’ kicks of very energetically and carries forward a good dub vibe right from the beginning. Cunning scratches and an enigmatic build-up to the drop, is what makes this one completely different from the rest of the track on this pack!

The track also gets its video which is curated with an intense plot and some great animation work done on it. It almost feels like you’re living through a comic book!

Stream or purchase it here.

Pavan Kumar


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