Martin Garrix Reveals Collaboration With Matisse & Sadko

martin garrix matisse & sadko collaboration - hold on

Martin Garrix is one artist who has had the fortune of being at the peak of success for a very long period of time, thanks to his unwavering commitment to producing incredible music.

After the recent release of “Used To Love”, Garrix has now teased a new collaboration with good friends of his, Matisse and Sadko.

The track which is named “Hold On (We’re Almost There)” made rounds all across the internet before being taken down and also featured on Martin Garrix’s latest sets during his tour.

The unreleased track promises a lot of energy and some enchanting male vocals. It certainly got the crowd going crazy to its unique, euphoric vibe which is set by a melodic lead. Much like his previous collaborations with Matisse & Sadko on tracks like “Forever” and “Dragon”, this one is sure to find its way onto top charts!

We can’t for the track to officially release. Have a look at the preview we found below and let us know what you think!

Pavan Kumar


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