Mawi – CO2


After making waves at Spinnin’s Talent Pool, French act Mawi, drop their debut single ‘CO2’, out now via Sander van Doorn’s DOORN Records.

While presenting his very own ‘French touch sound’, Mawi made a name for itself on Spinnin’s Talent Pool, getting noticed with the ‘CO2’ track, which turned into the Talent Pool ‘Track Of The Week’ early 2017.

Purchase it here.

“The way I produce music is a bit particular. I make all my tracks by instinct, so when I work on something new, I try many different things until I find the right beat and the perfect melody. Because most of my beats and melodies are made out of ‘loops’ (from 1s to 30s long) that I cut up as much as possible, I usually come up with something new. So the new track will come out of all those ‘loops’.

For ‘CO2’, everything came up by feel. I felt joyful and relaxed on that day, which can be found in the general atmosphere of the track… I hope I make you feel the same whenever you hear it!” – Etienne Anthony / Mawi

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