Maztek shares his top 8 influences to celebrate the release of ‘Warpath’


Matteo Cavo aka. Maztek, born and raised in the heart of Italy, Rome, embarked upon his music career at the young age of 13 as a lead guitarist and percussionist.

At 18 years of age he became fascinated with electronic music, specifically Techno and Drum & Bass. Fast forward 2018, Maztek is one of the most revered producers known for crafting dancefloor orientated drum & bass in the most provisional and empirical manner.

His biggest releases yet, Intiman ft. Foreign Beggars, ‘Hit That’ (Maztek remix) and ‘Straight to Bad’, have caught the attention of many all around the world and has been supported by all major DJs such as, Ed Rush, The Upbeats, State of Mind, amongst many others.

The Italian Maestro’s highly anticipated LP ‘Warpath’ is out on his newly created 0101 imprint and it signifies a brand new creative endeavour for an artist who’s spent years crafting himself into the genre’s history. And it’ll be yet another defining output for one of neuro’s pioneers, who’s already paved his way with a number of releases and will continue to do so with the calibre of music showcased throughout ‘Warpath’s track listing and to celebrate this huge release, Maztek has shared that intrigued him and enthralled him into making Drum & Bass.

Commix – Be True

This track is very deep and musical. Everyone can learn something from these kinds of tunes.

Konflict – Messiah

One of my favourite tunes since forever. I like the dark vibes and the fact that it was on Renegade Hardware. I was in love with Konflict’s music.

Bad Company UK – Planet Dust

This track is something special for me. It reminds me of partying and going to raves with my friends. It’s always been an inspiring tracks for me.

Grooverider – Where’s Jack the Ripper

Me and my friends used to go round in a car when we were young with the windows down, playing this from a hi-fi loudly. This track definitely reminds me of my youth.

Gridlok – Insecticide

This track has also been very inspiring for me. And Gridlok is a close friend who’s helped me a lot with musical my direction.

Usual Suspects – Shrapnel (Stakka & Skynet remix)

I love all three artists and this track is also on Renegade Hardware. It’s a label I always followed religiously. I’m really into the tracks flow and sound. Skynet has also remixed a track for me recently out now on Program (Dizzy Step).

Noisia – Block Control

It’s a bonefide classic, a track I’ve played out often and a record which reminds me of when I first began DJing.

Prizna ft. Demolition man – Fire

It’s a tune I can listen to ten times in a row every time. It’s jungle vibe is a lot of fun.

Download the ‘Warpath’ LP here.

About Maztek

Italian-born DnB artist Maztek represents the nano-fine edge of the Neurofunk scene. Following meeting the Renegade Hardware crew in London, his first Galactica / Odyssey single came out on Renegade Hardware in 2012 – constituting a bold and refined step onto the label. This first step was followed up with the Limber and M Theory EPs in 2013, cementing his place on the label and firmly pushing Maztek’s name to the very forefront of the rave scenes awareness. His considered and weighty manifesto through his Three Point Zero LP represented one of the last significant releases on Renegade Hardware before the label announced its closure – with Maztek left of one of the defining bookmarks at the end of the label’s epic history. Alongside this, Maztek has collaborated with worldwide Hip-hop and Grime superstars Dope D.O.D. Maztek is an artist gilding the world in a layer of sleek technology, a true modern pioneer of Drum and Bass.

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