MODEL 86 teams up with award-winning director Ely Dagher for ‘FAMOUS’ video

Model 86

Manchester-born electronic producer MODEL 86 has delivered the emotive, and thought provoking official video for his newest single, ‘FAMOUS’.

Directed by Palme D’Or winning director Ely Dagher, the official video for ‘FAMOUS’ is the first in a three-part series, with the rest of the trilogy due to arrive alongside MODEL 86’s follow up singles ‘TRAUMA’ and ‘I Don’t Give A Fuck What U Say, Which Means I Do’ over the coming weeks.

“The trilogy dives into the psyche of our character who after a rough day fantasises about another life or other lives she could have,” explains Dagher. “Her painted framed portrait comes alive and sucks her into a world where she can be different people. We see four characters are united in different situations and ecstatic mood where they all bond until the moment comes where it’s time to go back to the real world.”

With the ‘FAMOUS’ video exploring themes of identity, depression, escapism, and dreams, MODEL 86 bases his music on his own personal experiences, saying, “I always have things on my mind, and those thoughts, about life, about being working class or casual sexism, those are the themes I wanted to include on my music.”

The January release, taken from his ‘I Was Depressed And Anxious For Most Of My 20s Until I Came Off My Tablets’ EP, ‘FAMOUS’ sees MODEL 86 team up with Rayon Nelson, who laces the stirring track with a soft, dreamy vocal.

Wilcock chose the pseudonym ‘MODEL 86’ due to its androgyny and like the name, his music is a fluid, shapeshifting sound which stretches its appeal to fans of numerous genres. A diverse back catalogue of self-released material highlights MODEL 86’s rich depth of influences, from artists Nils Frahm to Jamie xx; Jai Paul to Olafur Arnalds, Flume to Japanese composer Ryoji Ikeda. His varied musical style sees support from tastemakers at BBC Radio 1, 1Xtra, 6music, NME, DAZED and Nowness.

Multi-talented, diverse, and highly personable, MODEL 86 is quickly carving himself a reputation as one of electronic music’s most exciting and fast-rising talents.


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