Muzzy drops a drum and bass hit – Horsepower


The releases on the Rocket League X Monstercat Vol.4 album, are getting exciting by the day. Joining the leagues of exciting gaming tracks that have been released on this pack is the new single from Muzzy, the drum and bass hit – Horsepower.

The single begins in a powerful manner, with a vibe that is a perfect reminder of high-speed races! The dynamism continues as the track builds up towards an incredible spree of highly energetic beats. The dark and quiet interlude makes way for another round of ‘dancing till you fall’.

Inspired by Pendulum’s track Hold Your Colour, in the early 2000’s, the producer who described himself as a metalhead, started venturing into the exciting drum and bass scene. His music was being recognized for its uniqueness and his career took a whole new turn with the signing up with Monstercat in 2011.

Muzzy began gaining recognition for his style of production that intended to take listeners through an intense journey with high energy. And although his style was distinct, he continued to exhibit his versatility to the point that household names such as BBC Radio 1, Krewella, and Rob Swire began to sing his praises.

He attributes his success to his relationship with Monstercat although he created all the music he ever did, working tirelessly for hours in his studio. He considers the label as a family that has stuck with him through thick and thin; one that has propelled his career to a whole new level in many ways!

Having been nominated for DNB awards from 2014 to 2017 for various categories like Best Newcomer Artist, Best Remix, Best Producer, Best Track, Best Video, and Best DJ, the artist has seen a lot of success and recognition.

With the rise of this artist, one shall always be reminded of the impact that record labels can have on lives of DJs and the industry as a whole.

Listen to this exciting new track here and don’t forget to share it with your friends!

Pavan Kumar


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