Nekter Gun Starts Strong With “Neon Night”

nekter gun interview

New Jersey-based Nekter Gun recently made his solo debut with “Neon Night” which is released on Gunlock records and is out on major streaming platforms.

More artists are diving into the process of production and many are even producing their own records. Nekter Gun is also one such artist and has gone to great lengths for preserving top quality. Here is “Neon Night”.

Apart from great production and a masterful arrangement, Nekter Gun taps on the heavily obsessed singing song writing section and sparks a conversion that doesn’t happen with many artists across the music spectrum. The record sounds like a flirtatious fusion of Future house and 90’s synthwave, making it a flexible hybrid that can serve as a great 2 AM record and also as a solid radio singalong. For a debut record, this is way too good and one can only wish great things listening to it.

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