Noor Lifts The Spirits High With His New EP Titled “Phoenix”

noor phoenix

In the wake of his pursuit of Hip-Hop manifested through poetry, Chicago rapper Noorani Pirani brings forth his latest effort, “Phoenix.”

Empowered by his need to uplift others and inspire them to fulfill their dreams, Noor mixes the sounds and melodies of local Chicago sound with those of Hip-Hop.

Dedicated and disciplined, Noor has grown to reveal his journey through music while setting his sights on making a lasting impression in the music industry. Featuring six tracks, the EP includes Chicago artists such as Sasha Go Hard and Morgan Gold. The artist merges his signature sound into “Phoenix,” which focuses on innovation, rebirth, and transformation.

With an endless abundance of creativity and hypnotic sounds, “Phoenix” embodies Chicago’s street flair and pays homage to Hip-Hop. With his rhythmic beats, Noorani is certain to make his listeners dance, repeat his music, and fall in love with Hip-Hop.

Listen Now:

Noorani Pirani was raised in a dysfunctional household, experiencing domestic abuse, alcoholism, and constant negativity.

The opportunity of a lifetime was presented to Noor at age 18. To experience an international experience first-hand, he traveled to Dubai and performed at the Dubai World Trade Center with a grateful and determined soul.

Following that, Tympanum Chapel Records, owned by hip-hop monk Sir the Baptist, signed Noor as a recording artist. Eventually, he left the label and went independent to hone his sound, perfect his craft, and refine his mission. As a non-profit advocate, Noor champions organizations that focus on domestic abuse, global poverty, climate change, mental illness, and animal extinction.

With a goal of changing his environment and life direction, Noor set out to rise above the shackles of his environment. Music, saturated with focus, hard work, and tenacity, became the instrumental tool that elevated his spirits and gave him a sense of purpose.

Noor says,

“As a Muslim artist, I want to break the stigma of Islam while advancing hip-hop to inspire the minds of people around the world to pursue their passions no matter what obstacles lie ahead of them.”

“Phoenix” is now available on major music platforms. Listen to it!

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