SKMA & Marx team up to deliver two low end blooters on Program!


Remaining an authoritative label within the expanse of drum & basses underground, Program have once again brought forward a collaborative project who help the imprint stay true to their ethos.

And having paved their career over the past few years, SKMA & Marx come with a double sided single which helps to highlight Ram’s sister label and levels of versatility distributed throughout its back catalogue.

SKMA’s trio of producers bring their riotous production skills whilst Marx dabbles in the tech layered manufacturing which litters his discography.

Release opener ‘Breath’ delivers a smashing introduction, with steppy, peaking synths and bellowing drum peddles. The track begins to breakdown amongst epically blaring instrumentals before dropping into a cataclysmic drop.

On the reverse, ‘Doomsday’ is equally as imposing, with flicking beat relays and snapping snare drums, driving a hook which grapples you between each segment. Together, both tracks nod to SKMA & Marx’s harmonious merging of styles, whilst still engineering a bite.

So for another release, it’s time to get with the Program… one offering up yet more talented newcomers from across the scene.

Out now on Program!

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