Skrillex Returns With The Genre Bending ‘Butterflies’ And ‘Too Bizarre’ Featuring An Interesting Set Of Collaborations!

skrillex butterflies

Skrillex has definitely been one of the most enterprising producers in the game over the last decade, having an interesting yet wide array of songs to show for, with a rather dynamic discography that features his own hits, encompassing genres ranging from dubstep, trap and electronica to having produced a bunch of records on the back-end for a number of chart topping singer/songwriters.

Having also dabbled with various aliases in the span of an illustrious career including Jack U, Dog Blood and From First To Last, Skrillex, of late, is well known for his catchy and hook-friendly music that has dazzled old and new fans alike, with his diverse creative abilities.

Having had rather quiet 12 months in terms of releases, Skrillex’s triumphant return includes 2 diverse yet mesmerising singles in the form of electro-pop jam ‘Butterflies’ (featuring Four Tet and Starrah) and the contagious ‘Too Bizarre’ (featuring Swae Lee and Siiickbrain).

‘Butterflies’ is an exhilarating yet refreshing ‘four on the floor’ electro pop anthem that plays to a radio friendly audience, amidst a contemporary EDM blitz. The record is also a strong deviation in terms of production style for producer Four Tet and tops it off with a scintillating top line from Starrah. Skrillex has dabbled with a bunch of 128 bpm dance and pop based records and Butterflies is an eclectic addition to an already big list of hits. We are definitely enjoying this side of Skrillex’s nuanced production versatility.

‘Too Bizarre’ as the name suggests, is rather… bizarre! Featuring Rae Sremmurd frontman, Swae Lee, who has been on a strong trajectory to chart topping success right from the root of his career to the vibrant singer, model and writer Siiickbrain, the track is proper peak time pop-punk bop, with a strong acoustic influence and a raucous underground vibe.

Both singles derive an influence of the vibrant creative influence that Skrillex brings with every record and his production prowess on future records only remains to be seen.


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