Solarstone & Thea Riley – I Want You Here

Thea Riley

The magic of Solarstone’s music is not new to us! He’s here again, with a new release, ‘I Want You Here’ (Club Mix)’ feat. Thea Riley whose voice has shone absolutely bright in this incredible club mix.

Luscious in its creativity and the expression of emotions, the track is an upbeat treat. The vocals by the Australian are of the highest essence in terms of imparting a great feeling to the heart and the beats equally provide a great feeling to the feet. The thumping tempo lightens up any club space in a euphoric manner and makes one simple melt into it. One cannot simply miss the melodies, made rich by the bass rolls and the piano chimes and subtle percussion.

From scene founding father to ringleader and flag-bearer of the Pure Trance movement, Solarstone (producer, composer & DJ Richard Mowatt) enduring influence stretches back almost as far as the genre itself. 

Releases like ‘Solarcoaster’, ‘The Calling’ and ‘Seven Cities’ are all benchmark classics of its pre-millennial period. The latter track – among the first of the Balearic trance anthems – has been re-released 3 times, and now sold in excess of ½ million copies. Remixed by Armin van Buuren amongst others, its instantly recognizable sunset/sunrise-sound legacy is still heard in tracks today.

Solarstone has long brought his sound to some of the most famous clubs, arenas and festivals on the planet. In Europe, those have come to include Tomorrowland, Cream Ibiza, A State Of Trance & Global Gathering, whilst further afield he’s rocked TomorrowWorld, Stereosonic, FSOE and numerous others.

Solarstone’s ideology of Pure Trance has developed into a bona fide musical movement. It’s one which has been captured by a major a mix-compilation series, worldwide Pure Trance club and festival shows, the Pure Trance and Pure Progressive record labels & its weekly radio show.

The Australian’s vocals have left the listener dive into an immersive experience of the music. It is soulful, and touches you on a very deep level- we’re sure you’ll feel this way too.

Expect to hear this mix in almost any club you enter!

Purchase it here.

Pavan Kumar


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