Studd Da Kidd Is Set To Become The Next Big Name In The Creative Industry

studd da kidd

Studd Da Kidd set up Exposure Explosion Festival to expand her creative brand and link creators with fans.

She provides artists with a global platform to showcase their work and to connect with the global community through her business endeavours.

A recent commercial by Studd Da Kidd displays her personality traits to create an emotional attachment to her fans and the art community.

The commercial was made as part of Exposure Explosion Festival Live app preparations. Featuring music from Studd Da Kidd and Ozzy Lennon, the commercial was produced by Studd Da Kidd, Erick Hernandez, DRH Consulting, and Transcendent Visionz. The San Antonio Riverwalk’s setting takes the viewers on a journey of her hometown’s history, art, and culture. It was filmed at the Omni La Mansión del Rio, starring Brianna Medrano.

Studd Da Kidd’s creative commercial will enhance and tell the story of the person behind the Exposure Explosion Festival and the app that goes along with it. The entrepreneur from San Antonio, Texas, hopes to provide a space for artists to showcase their talents, earn income, and, most importantly, be a part of a community designed around their wellbeing.

Studd Da Kidd’s commercial is poised to become the next household name in the creative industry, and it will also set the tone for part 2 of the commercial that will be released on November 5th.

Shantanu Gursal


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