Swakky Delivers Another Hot Tech House Tune For The Masses

swakky keep me

Rising French DJ/Producer Swakky has once again brought back his sounds to the masses.

Swakky has seen a steady and strong rise through the community and is showing no signs of stopping and this recent release is the very reason why. Riding his huge momentum from previous releases, Swakky brings forth another banging tech house tune “Keep Me”. With a swirling funky vibe embedded onto his signature tech house sound, “Keep Me” makes for a great tech house record.

Swakky keeps it simple throughout the record. “Less is more” is a very good phrase to describe the banging tune. The track opens with a strong bassline and Vocals guiding the track to a groovy heaven. The track follows into a humble yet energetic build up and delivers a climax with unraveling envelopes and strong percussion sessions that can drive any dancefloor from 0 to 100 in a second. Maintaining the same simple yet hard-hitting bassline, the track heads towards the second climax which brings in a completely different set of sounds into the picture. It serves as a good evolving tune to get the party going while keeping the crowd interested in what the DJ can offer.

With that being said, this track surely screams “lookout for more” and also cements Swakky’s name as a quality producer and one to look out for. This track surely going to make its way into many Tracklists this festive season as Tech house is slowly Developing into the sound of the masses.

The track is also available as a free download on the artist union.


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