The Next Part of Calyx & TeeBee’s ‘Plates’ Series is Here

Calyx & TeeBee Made In Detroit

The Plates series from Calyx & Teebee has seen them strip back today’s music conventions and release records in a format which draws full attention to each innovative part of the project.

For its fourth chapter, the duo delivers ‘Made in Detroit’, a track which has already garnered chaotic reactions from audiences, especially when dropped at this year’s Boomtown festival.

It’s a take on the classic sound through the lens of Calyx & Teebee and a cut which hints at the duo’s antiquity. With techno influences being a driving force behind ‘Made in Detroit’, although switched to a hammering drum & bass tempo and given the expert Calyx & Teebee moniker, you’re brought into patches of twisting, grappling bass and bleeping, atmospheric stabs, building to create an immersive landscape.

Following the seven-minute journey ‘Look to the Skies’, ‘Made it Detroit’ continues the same ethos of Plates but through a different sonic spectrum whilst still holding their impeccable standards. Prepare, once more, to be pulled into the world of Plates.

Hannah Helbert


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