The Suncatchers And Adam Knight Dial It Down With ‘Don’t Leave Me Here’

The Suncatchers don't leave me here

The Suncatchers AKA Nicut Marian is making his 2021 comeback and has paired up with American singer/songwriter Adam Knight for his new single ‘Don’t Leave Me Here’.

This Deep house delicacy is out through Swedish imprint Loudkult.

2020 has been a great year for The Suncatchers. With releases like ‘Lie to Me’, ‘On My Own’, ‘Holding On’ etc. alongside licensing deals with various reputed labels such as Effective Records and Sony Music Russia, the group garnered more than 5,00,000 streams. For the rest of the year, they went on a short slumber to rediscover and redefine their style. They made their comeback in 2021 with ‘Me, Myself and I’ which was made alongside Michel Fannoun. On the other hand, Adam Knight’s new album ‘Inside Out’ came out and has released many singles ever since.

Speaking about the lyrics of ‘Don’t Leave Me Here’ Adam said,
“I was deeply in love, committed and all in with a woman. We lived together and built a home together. When she told me she wanted to leave after being together for 3 years, I was broken, struck by heartache and felt overwhelmed by grief. I helped her pack, helped her gather her things and even gave her money to move away from me. As I watched her drive away from me, I broke down, fell to my knees and said out loud “Don’t Leave Me Here”. I then wrote the song that day…’.

Give it a listen.

Deep House has risen in charts during the pandemic and many record labels are promoting more of it since the shift. This record is a little toward the mainstream end of Deep House and is very radio friendly. The Suncatchers have developed their previous style of production into a fresher and more impactful one. Adam Knight displays his vocal dominance throughout this track which is graciously complemented by the instrumental. Use of relaxing basslines, gentle melodies and appropriate percussion makes this track a perfection from start to finish. This track truly appreciates the finer aspects of electronic dance music production and is immaculate in every way. ‘Don’t Leave Me Here’ is a rare summer delicacy and it would be a shame not to add it to your playlist.


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