Tom Finster’s Top Spotify Selections

tom finter spotify selections

Tom Finster is a name which has been steadily rising above the ranks in drum & bass, having released on some of the most pivotal underground labels over the past two years.

Including names like DIVIDID, Neosignal and US based VALE, as well as remixes for the likes of Camo & Krooked and Mefjus on Hospital Records, he’s lent his sounds to a number of imprints although for his brand-new single he’s decided to mark the start of 2022 by self-releasing.

Already premiered on stages like Let it Roll festival last year, ‘Lights’ is an epic record with a half-tempo switch up midway. A track punctuated with spoken word samples and euphoric breakdowns, it represents an independent move from Tom Finster whilst also displaying his technicality.

To celebrate, we’ve asked Tom to give us a rundown of the ten tracks he has circulating in his playlist right now. You can check out the selections below, as well as his brand-new single here now available to buy.

I checked my Spotify for what my personal favorites were over the last year. This is not only Drum and Bass – in fact it gets more and more experimental towards the end, but I hope you find some gems in here.

Phace – Altona

When I got into dnb he was already at the next level, yet he keeps improving and nobody does it like him. His newest Mini album is so original.

Tommys Theme (TCP & grey code remix)

Both are a big inspirations for me and I’m so stoked to see them remix one of my all-time favorite bands. Grey Code is about to drop a really nice album by the way too.

Machindrum – Only One

This EP is sooo soulful, without losing technicality. I like everything about it. I wish there was more music like this.

Yunis – Amber

Yunis – not to be mistaken with Youniss (also very good music) – found his very own sound in halftime and I have huge respect for his steady output. Big album.

Sorza – Rotten In Silver

Stunning album – 10/10. Wish I could make something like this.

Hudson Lee & Frequent – Flock Call

I have absolutely no idea how they do this. Both run Upscale records – home of many talented people like Alexander Panos and Canopy and Echo Map.

Barking Continues – Made It Out

When the chords and how the chorus comes in – I could cry every time.

Iglooghost – Amu

This is in my Top 3 of last year. Not sure why I didn’t listen to him earlier. This is so inspirational to me.

Floating Points & Pharao Sanders & LSO- Movement 1

I often listen to this to relax, and fall asleep maybe. Floating Points is never disappointing. I hope I can pull off something like this off one day. My favorite of last year.

Battles – Yabba

I didn’t like them after Tyondai Braxton left, but the last two albums are really good and it’s quite seldom I listen to instrumental music.

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